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12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:46 am

We don't often find 'out of order' signs in our day-to-day life. However, at times, we see those signs here and there on escalators, elevators, toilets, phone booths or cash machines. Such out of order signs disappoint us, and at times, frustrate us too. In most cases, out of order sign is just plain text that informs us something is broken, and can't be used. They aren't really interesting in anyway. However, some out of order signs look funny. A funny text or grammar mistake on the signboards makes them look interesting.  Here are 12 such funniest out of order signs spotted by different people around the world. 
1.Dummy ATM Machine

If something no longer works, or in this case never did, it's time to remove It from the property. Of course moving a big huge ATM machine like this would be too much work. It's not like it's some sort of mystifying object that attracts a lot of attention. All this machine Is doing is taking up space and now the management is wasting trees by placing 'Out of Order' signs on it.

Dummy ATM Machine-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

2.Don't Steal the 'Out of Order' Phone Signs

Most places will put up an 'Out of Order' sign if a certain object is not working. Sadly, there's always that one wannabe comedian who thinks it's funny to remove the sign and let people discover that bit of info for themselves. This place decided to place two signs on the phone and give those people who steal signs a little warning.

3.Broken Escalator?

This place should invest in a writer. The note should read: The Escalator has temporarily been turned into stairs. The way this 'Out of Order' sign is written, you'd think a caveman penned it. It doesn't take a rocket Scientist to see that an escalator isn't working. Usually when an escalator isn't working, there's tape preventing customers from using it, or people can be seen walking up or down the immobile stairs. 

Broken Escalator?-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

4.Photocopier Sign On Glass

If an item in the office isn't working, it would be best to put the note on the actual item. The office 'winner' opted to put a sign saying, "The Photocopier Out of Order" on a random glass window. The glass has nothing to do with the copier, but there it is hanging for only the people near it to see. The photocopier probably has a sign on it that says "See window for more details." 

Photocopier Sign On Glass-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

5.Loose Bowels Only

If you like seeing a toilet overflow and then have to run for your life to avoid the water, and then you'll ignore an 'Out of Order' sign like this. The management of this building could have just told the residents to avoid this toilet at all costs. However, they decided to give those with irritable bowel syndrome and upset stomachs a pass.

Loose Bowels Only-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

6.Elevator Out of Order For Years

The residents in this building all must have muscular legs. The elevator has been a work in progress for well over 20-years. Management obviously doesn't think it's a priority to have a working elevator in the building, so they've hired anyone to try and fix it. More than likely, there's group of hamsters attempting to fix the elevator behind-the-scenes. 

Elevator Out of Order For Years-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

7.Find A Phone to Call About Out of Order Phone

This 'Out of Order' sign is an oxymoron. A courtesy phone is supposed to be up and running to help those who are in need. It's mind-boggling that a sign on a phone would tell someone to call from another phone for assistance. If they didn't need the phone, then they wouldn't go looking for it. 

Find A Phone to Call About Out of Order Phone-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever


8.Copier Broken Due To Body Part Being Stuck

You never know who or what touches the items in your office before you get to it. Copy machines break down more than a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber party. However, not many break down due to some weirdo getting his man parts stuck in it. He does get some 'cool points' for being honest about how it broke.

Copier Broken Due To Body Part Being Stuck-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

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9.No emergency Phone

One of the first things a person does when there's an emergency is call for help. Since this emergency phone is out of order, the only thing left to do is run for your life. The note has obviously been doctored; by the person who changed it does have a point. 

No emergency Phone-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever


10.Use Sink instead of Toilet

If this is how hospitals operate, I'd rather be treated in a back alley. The sign tells visitors that the toilet is broken so they should use the sink. Hospitals are supposed to be sanitary, but I guess that all goes out the window when the toilet is broken. It's doubtful that a woman would be able to use a sink as a toilet, but men can rejoice at this news.

Use Sink instead of Toilet-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

11.Broken Soda Dispenser

This soda dispenser is ready for the trash. There's so many different sodas to choose from that it's hard to decide which one is the best. The owner of this establishment cut out small labels to place on each soda photo, rather than just writing one big note informing customers that they can only get Sprite.

Broken Soda Dispenser-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

12.Vending Machine = Ex-Girlfriend

Some law abiding citizen took it upon himself to leave a self-made 'Out of Order' sign for others to read and follow. The sign is attached to a vending machine full of food. He could have just written 'Out of Order' on the paper and left it at that, but this message makes things a lot more interesting.

Vending Machine = Ex-Girlfriend-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever


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