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12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:04 pm

Crying black guy or crying Michael Jordan memes depict everyday sad situations using a picture of former NBA player Michael Jordan, in which he is seen crying. Irrespective of their intensity, every one of us has gone through some distressful moments in our life. If you were to describe one such event with a meme, there would be no better way than using the Crying Michael Jordan meme to do it. Remember, these memes aren't about complete sadness! They are a mix of misery and humor. Check these 12 hilarious crying memes that are sure to crack you up! 
1.Waited For Too Long!

"When you waited too long to masturbate, and your family is now back home!" 
Well, whoever made this meme sounds like a 15-year-old kid! With that being said, it's still unclear why they have to wait for their parents to leave home to masturbate. That person may not have a mobile phone to watch porn and have some good time alone in the bathroom. Whatever the reason is, this meme reminds the good old teenage days of many of us who are reading this topic! In defense of the 80s and 90s kids, yes, there existed no smartphones or media devices back then to sneak into bathrooms! 

Waited For Too Long!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

2.Those Resume Lies!

"When you lied on the resume about being proficient in Excel!" 
Rule no. 1: Never lie about your skills on your resume! Rule no. 2: Even if there's no other way but to lie, never lie about Excel skills! MS Excel, as you know, is a critical skill for most administrative roles. It isn't like MS Word or PowerPoint, and Excel requires you to have minimum math skills to get close to learning it. If you aren't particularly poor at math, you can learn Excel within a week or two by looking at some tutorials on YouTube. 

Those Resume Lies!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

3.When It's April 2nd And She' Still Pregnant

That's a terrible situation, and man, we must feel pity for all those (both guys and girls) who get stuck in this pregnancy mess. The ideal way to deal an unwanted pregnancy is involving parents (in the case of minors), and thinking about marriage or raising the kid together. Abortion is an option, but then, the socio, economic, and legal complications vary from state to state. Sadly, thousands of young girls hurt themselves or damage their health badly by trying those self-induced abortions at home. 

When It's April 2nd And She' Still Pregnant-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

4.Can You Relate?!

We experienced similar thing in our school or college. Do you remember any nerdy kid who would ask a doubt or query minutes before the bell rang? Unfortunately, you have to deal with such people throughout your life, even at the workplace! Nonetheless, you got to be a responsible person and act like an adult rather than crying inside like a baby! Come on; it's okay! Prolonged meetings don't happen every day or even every alternative day!

Can You Relate?!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

5.This Never-Ending Loop!

It's 2017, but boy, there are many people out there who still find themselves locked out of their own email account. We agree we tend to forget passwords of some accounts that we don't use frequently, but there should always be a way to retrieve forgotten passwords. Being unable to recall even an alternative email's password is simply inexcusable, and unless you have a phone number attached to the account, there's no way you can open the email again! 

This Never-Ending Loop!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

6.Dem Feels

"When your friends invite you out, and you tell them you are busy, but you really broke AF at home and watching their pics be like" 
That's a terrible feeling, but such situations have the power to inspire you to clean up your financial mess and make more money. Hey, it isn't that difficult. All it takes is some serious brainstorming sessions, and you are sure to come up with some excellent moneymaking ideas. Instead of sitting alone and wasting time on checking pictures of others, one can work an extra job or start a side business to earn cash and settle all the issues! 

Dem Feels-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

7.White People Smell Like What?

"Interviewer: I see you tweeted last October that "White people smell like Microsoft Word 2007.
Me: … "
People of other races and ethnicities often say that white people smell like wet dogs or bologna, but this comparison sounds very weird! Anyway, there's a lesson here for every one of us to learn. Keep your social media accounts free from insulting, stereotypic, or controversial posts. A lot of employers scrutiny job applicants' social media profiles, and they straightaway decline an applicant's candidature when they see such tweets or posts. 

White People Smell Like What?-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh


8.Oh No!

"When your girl needs to borrow your computer, and she starts typing www.po..."
Many of us have gone through such scenario at least once in our lifetime! It need not always be a PC or laptop; sometimes we have to lend our phone to a friend, family member, or a co-worker! If you do, you will start to feel very stiff if you previously watched porn and forgot to clear the browsing history! Make good use of browsers' incognito mode or just clear phone's browser history before you hand out your device to someone. 

Oh No!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

9.Childhood Is Awesome!

"When you play some nostalgic games from your childhood and realize you will never be as happy as you used to be!" 
Childhood is definitely the memorable part of everyone's life. Many of us did hate going to school, but it still felt good to be a kid, especially if you think about it right now. Most of us played games like Super Mario Bros back when we were kids. Even though they were nowhere near to the modern video games when it comes to graphics, we still loved playing them. 

Childhood Is Awesome!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh


10.People Love Memes!

"When you post meme and get 1000 likes and then post a selfie and get 19!" 
Memes are ruling the internet, and believe us; the trend isn't going to fade out anytime soon. People like and share memes more than selfies or photos because they find them amusing and they often relate themselves with those memes. Just in case if you are one of those individuals who want people to like and share your social media updates, just keep posting more and more memes! If not, only try to convert one of your photos into a meme and see if that works. 

People Love Memes!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

11.Cash Me Outside, How Bow Dah!

Hey, come on, Salt Bae memes are far much famous than that random 13-year-old girl on Dr. Phil's Show! In case if you don't know, this meme is referring to Danielle Bregoli, a 13-year-old who appeared on Dr. Phil's show sometime back, and called the whole audience a bunch of hoes! She went on to say, "Catch me outside, how about that," in a very a thick accent, which later became a meme. Salt Bae memes were down because of the "How Bow Dah" girl, but Salt Bae remained the most popular of the two. 

Cash Me Outside, How Bow Dah!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh

12.Hard Reality!

"When you have joking all about trump becoming President, but now it’s a reality!" 
Who in the world expected Trump to win the Presidential election a year ago? Millions around the world didn't even see him as a strong contender, let alone emerging as a winner. That is the reason why a lot of Clinton's supporters remained complacent and didn't turn up to vote. Result? Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States! He managed to unite his supporters and make every one of them vote for him. 

Hard Reality!-12 Hilarious Crying Memes That Will Make You Cry Then Laugh


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