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24 Hilarious Female Celebrities With Beard Photos

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 8:31 am

Imagine you were reading a novel, and you noticed a phrase that reads, "A bearded lady." What would your reaction be? We know you would cringe hard! Beards look good, but only on men's face. The following 24 Photoshopped pictures show top female celebrities with beards. They prove why evolution did a right thing by sparing women from having facial hair! Nothing disturbs a man more than a girl's rough and hairy cheeks! Men are going to find these photos disturbing! If you are a man with a history of suffering from nightmares, browse the topic with caution! You may want to look at these most beautiful women in the world to cool off.
1.Miss Amber

Well this is certainly a surprise, but she does at least have the correct type of beard for her look and it blends in with her hairstyle as well. She certainly seems to know what she is doing in the grooming department.

2.Michelle Rodriguez

Yeah Michelle would look very strange with the full on beard, so instead the well kept stubble look is going to be the best thing for her. It kind of goes with her dark hair and as long as she keeps it under control, then everything should be absolutely fine.

3.Catherine Zeta Jones

Well this is a beard that she has to be proud of and indeed it looks like she is when you see the big grin on her face. You wonder what Michael Douglas has to say about all of this.

4.Kate Beckinsale

This is a beard that you need to really dedicate yourself to and she has certainly let herself go for a period of time to just allow that one to really evolve. Notice the hair in the arm pit as well, so you can only imagine what everywhere else is like.

5.Jessica Alba

Jessica would indeed suit the moustache and slight stubble look due to how the rest of her face looks. However, it is those arms that will really catch your eye because boy are they hairy.

6.Nicole Scherzinger

Yep this style has to suit Nicole due to her naturally darker skin tones. The only other thing that we need to say about all of this is that boy she is very hairy indeed and that is an issue that she needs to address.

7.Adriana Lima

If she did indeed look like this, then she would not be one of the top models in the world right now. That beard is an absolute monster and in a couple of weeks time it will have a complete life of its own.


8.Mila Kunis

Mila has to go for the smaller beard or anything else would just be far too much for her to deal with. She also needs to get that chest hair under control before it goes too mad.

9.Penelope Cruz

Penelope would be born with a beard that would be thick and dark due to her roots, but the sides are kind of lacking a little bit. However, she really does not suit it in any way, shape, or form.



Yep with slightly wild hair it is no surprise that Shakira has gone for a slightly unruly style of beard as it just fits in with how people see her. It is a bit straggly, it is a bit untidy, but she is happy with it and that is the main thing.

11.Michelle Obama

Michelle appears to be capable of pulling off a beard better than her own husband and that is certainly something that should concern her. She would indeed have to go for the well trimmed and looked after beard to fit in with her personality.


You just knew that for Rihanna it would all be about keeping it neat and well trimmed and that is exactly what has happened. The funniest thing is that you can actually imagine her pulling this look off even though it is not exactly her best one ever.

13.Katy Perry

This is quite a serious looking beard on Katy, but that is nothing on what is going on further down. That is like an absolute forest of hair and it is not the prettiest of sights at all is it? 

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14.Christina Ricci

This just comes across as her trying to play a joke on other people because that moustache just does not go with the rest of her outfit. Wait a minute it is not real? Well why did you not say so??

15.Meryl Streep

Yep Meryl has gone for the old western style beard and moustache combination and it does seem fitting for her to adopt this particular type of facial hair. It is big and prominent and is making one heck of a statement.

16.Kate Middleton

You get the feeling that the Queen herself would not approve of this facial hair or the hairy chest and the wedding between her and Prince William would never have happened as a result. She would need to get shaving and all kinds of things done to make herself more presentable.

17.Keira Knightley

Keira has adopted the Johnny Depp style beard and it is probably the best style for her shape of face. It does help that it ties in with the costume she is wearing here.

18.Emma Watson

It seems as if Emma has gone for the ZZ Top style beard, but that just ties in with how she is dressed in this photograph. It would look even worse if it was just like stubble on her chin as she really would not suit that, even though we are not saying she looks great in this beard either.

Emma Watson-24 Hilarious Female Celebrities With Beard Photos

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19.Alisha Keyes

Yeah maybe a full on beard would be a bit too much for her, so instead she has gone for the thin moustache and some stubble. What is it with the chest hair though, they seem to love it!!


Oprah just looks very serious indeed in this picture and with this facial hair. She looks like she was born to wear a beard like this as it just seems to fit her perfectly.

21.Megan Fox

Megan would have to go for the biker moustache, but the hair chest is perhaps a little bit too much. There is just something very, very funny about this image and boy would you not want to take her on in a fight.

22.Angelina Jolie

There is a pretty good chance that if she did indeed look like this that Brad Pitt would have a different opinion of her. She also needs to think about putting some color into it because she has some gray coming in and that is certainly not a good look.

23.Anne Hathaway

Anne now has more hair on her chest than her chin, but even her little beard is still quite cool looking. She would just look strange if it was too bushy, but hey it's not that embarrassing like her sex scene in her movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

24.Jennifer Aniston

With a beard she now looks like a cross between herself and Pierce Brosnan and that is even scarier than her having a beard. At least she has also gone for the heavy chest hair as well and boy would that be tough to shave it all off now.


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