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15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 12:13 pm

Grandparents are always special. Most of the grandparents are formal and traditional in their approach, while some try hard to look, feel and sound modern! Technology is one of many things grandparents struggle to adopt. However, not all of them are bad at it. Here are fifteen hilarious texts from grandparents that'll make you laugh.
4.Explosive Laughter Yields Explosive Artifacts

People who are suffering from constipation understand what exactly are those artifacts that this grandfather was referring to! This text sums up life of old people. Things become difficult and little complicated when you are old. However, if you have a good sense of humor, you are sure to lead a happy life even when you are old. 

Explosive Laughter Yields Explosive Artifacts-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

5.Grandma Shuts Shop

This cool grandpa nearly gave his grandchild a heart attack from uncontrollable laugh, with his sarcasm and humor. His text would make anyone laugh. You are going to remember this 'she shut shop years ago' sentence for a long time. Going by the image, it looks like the Gran too had a good laugh about it.

Grandma Shuts Shop-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

6.This Badass Grandpa

You can easily tell how badass was this grandpa when he was a young guy! As you can see in the image, this grandpa sees riots as party time. He also sounds like he was disappointed with his grandson for being a quiet guy. You can still go there, grandpa!

This Badass Grandpa-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

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