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23 Hilarious Katy Perry Memes Ever Made

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020, 7:57 am

Katy Perry has been a big name in the American recording industry since her entry into the world of pop music in 2008. Thank goodness, she decided to give up her gospel music career or else we would have missed a great singer!(More Katy Perry Facts here) Although she isn't vocally perfect like some of her peers in the industry like Adele, the "Teenage Dream" singer knows how to market her music better than anyone else does! Millions around the world love her musical works and admire her pretty looks. A sizable number of people hate her as well. These 23 mixed Katy Perry memes tell you what the world really thinks about her! 
1.Yep she did

It's nice to see that Katy Perry is sticking to her lyrics and kissing a girl. Oh wait, it's Justin Bieber, but then it is an easy mistake to make.

2.It probably is her crying Adele

Adele probably does have it spot on here as Katy tries to come to terms with the fact that Adele has beaten her to yet another award. It must have got pretty annoying for her after a while, but surely she got used to it?

3.You are killing her!!

What kind of a stare does he have if he is able to look at her and stop her heart? No wonder the doctor is getting a bit annoyed at it all as it is just making his job a million times harder.

4.Grumpy cat does not like

Well clearly grumpy cat is not her biggest fan, but then grumpy cat is not a fan of anything or anybody. Instead, he just wants to complain and now Katy is in his sights.


Oh come on Katy you do know why you have been asked to do that because surely it is completely obvious? Clearly they want you to do the arms aloft to celebrate your perfume coming out and it has nothing to do with bits popping out of your dress.

6.Yep she knows it

The thing about Katy Perry is that she does know these kinds of things and she is not afraid to use it to her advantage. You have to admit that she does do very well indeed with her breasts and we are all happy about it as well.

7.How long?

So how long can you actually keep eye contact with her? The chances are that it will not be very long as you will undoubtedly be drawn towards that thing around her neck.


8.What a difference

There really is a major difference between the two here and it does show you the power of makeup for some people. You can hardly recognize her in the bottom shot.

9.Maybe it's jealousy?

You do feel as if there could be some professional jealousy between Gaga and Perry and you can kind of understand why. You just know that neither will be amused when they are beaten to an award by the other.


10.That is scary

That really is quite scary how it still ends up looking the same even though you have put the face of somebody else on there. The only thing is that Katy Perry would not want to be associated with Paula Deen after what she came out with.

11.That is one cool fact

That really is one cool fact about her cat and you are actually jealous that you have not done something similar with your own cat. Instead, you have gone for something plain and boring, but it is too late to change it now.

12.That stumped him

Well Katy certainly knew how to throw him off track with her answers and you can kind of understand why he was so shocked. You just know that his mind was working overtime as soon as she said that.

13.It's not for the music

The reply to this meme would be that you are not looking at her for her music and indeed maybe you have pressed the mute button. If so, you have not failed the gay test.

14.Does she predict the future?

This kind of comes across as he being quite freaky and being able to predict the future because a rainbow did indeed appear after Hurricane Sandy. OK now we should maybe look at all of her lyrics and see what other predictions she has come up with.

15.Yep they are similar

This is one of those times where you do suddenly see some kind of similarity between two people that you would have never put together before. Now whenever you look at Rosie O'Donnell you will always see Katy Perry.

16.Well that was unlucky

You have to say that this is rather unlucky and would it have made any difference if it was a different flavor of chapstick? That is something that he should have thought about at the time, but it is too late now.

17.Gaga and her revenge

You get the feeling that Lady Gaga is going to be looking for some revenge with the way she is sitting there staring at her. You can almost feel her staring into the back of her head as she contemplates what her next move is going to be.

18.Are they the same person?

The big question here is are they the same person because the similarities really are uncanny. Put it this way, have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

19.The monkey seems interested

You get the feeling that you could be waving a bunch of bananas at the monkey and it would have absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. However, can you really blame him for feeling that way considering where he is looking?

20.Does that seem fair?

So does that actually seem fair that she does all of that and then refuses to pose nude? OK that is just because we want to see her nude and for no other reason than that.

21.Well got that wrong

This does show you how you can get things wrong with teenagers and you never know how some people are going to eventually turn out. Let's be honest there is no way that you thought she would end up looking like this.

22.How did she do that?

The big question here is how she actually managed to do that because she did sell a huge number of albums and basically come from nowhere. The music industry really is just one big mystery.

23.Ordering Gaga around

You can understand why she appears to be ordering Lady Gaga to go and kill somebody due to the way she looks because she is certainly scary enough to go and do it. Of course Gaga only has herself to blame for being in this situation.


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