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15 Funny Redneck Marriage Photos

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 6:51 am

Redneck Check: You have a house that is mobile and have half a dozen cars that don't work. If you are a redneck, buddy, you will not find this list amusing at all. If you think you aren't a redneck, keep reading. What you are about to see on the topic are 15 funny redneck wedding pictures that give you an unambiguous idea of what it likes to be a redneck bride or groom. Brace yourself to see fat girls, hunter chicks, shirtless men, skirt-lifting ladies, and of course a lot of guns and big a*s trucks!
10.Something’s Seriously Wrong With This Family

Except for the bride, everyone around her looks crazy. The expression on the face of the old lady is inexplicable. This looks more like a zombie family than redneck. The shirtless old man made this picture just perfect. Why dress up for a silly ole wedding?

Something’s Seriously Wrong With This Family-15 Funny Redneck Marriage Photos


11.Everything is Grand and Majestic in this Photo

The couple, cake, wineglass and just about everything is perfect apart from the expression of the bride’s face. We are not sure what exactly is wrong here. Maybe she is just eating. We are not laughing at this, just happy the groom is treating her right on her big day.

Everything is Grand and Majestic in this Photo-15 Funny Redneck Marriage Photos


12.What are they Doing?

Who are they? They are newlywed couple.  What are they doing? Nothing, they are just flying dressed chicken into air. Why? Just a redneck thing! We don’t often see hilarious wedding images like this one we have here for you. 

What are they Doing?-15 Funny Redneck Marriage Photos


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