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Hot And Funny Women In Hollywood

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:03 am

1.Whitney Cumming

You know you're going to laugh when Whitney Cummings is on a roast. She likes to appear and rip the honoree a new one with her unique wit and humor. As the creator of on the hit television comedy, "Two Broke Girls," Cummings is not only beautiful and funny, she's a great business woman.

2.Lea Michele

New York born Lea Michele is not what you would expect to be funny at first glance. European looking with smoldering features, creamy dark skin and brown puppy dog eyes, when she is funny it takes you by storm. The Glee actress has been going strong with her career, and seems unstoppable.

3.Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler proves that hot and funny go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Sophisticated, hilarious, and sexy, Tyler is a triple threat. Known for being a hostess on "Talk Soup," the forty three year old doesn't look a day over thirty. Well preserved and going strong.

4.Rashida Jones

What will the hit television comedy, "Parks And Recreation" be without Rashida Jones. Boring, that's what. Not only is she spot on with her comedic timing, but she's great to loo at. Jones is moving onto bigger and better and we hope she sticks with comedic roles because we need more of her in that genre.

5.Kristen Wiig

After seeing Kristen Wiig in the hit blockbuster film, "Bridesmaids," we realized just how funny she could be. Pretty, smart and funny, Wiig has what it takes to pull off comedy while still being sexy and wildly attractive. Not a lot of women can say that in the film industry.

6.Anna Faris

The blonde beauty, Anna Faris, is the leader of hot funny women. She made it cool to be funny. It was once thought that to be a female comedian you had to be funny looking, but Faris proved them wrong. Starring the "Scary Movie" franchise we got to see just how hilarious she is.

7.Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is smoking hot, but not only that, she's funny. It's a double whammy when a hot girl can make you laugh, and she pulls out all the stops. Appearing in the blockbuster film, "Date Night" and "Magic Mike," she is on a roll. The brunette makes funny sexy, but her body doesn't hurt in making that point either.


8.Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston set the hair trend of the '90's when everyone asked their hairdressers for "The Rachel." Starring in the hit television comedy, "Friends" Aniston became a household word and was loved for her comedic timing. She went on to have one of the more successful movie careers out of the ensemble cast mates.

9.Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a young actress with both looks and comedic chops. We first fell in love with Emma in the blockbuster comedy, "Superbad." Since then she has played comedic roles as well as dramatic roles, such as her role in film, "The Help." A young Lucille Ball, with the red hair to match.


10.Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is every man's dream with her curvy body and beautiful face, but she's also funny. Starring in the hit television sitcom, "Modern Family," Sofia makes us laugh every week with her over the top accent. The actress plays the young Columbia wife of an older man, played by Ed O'Neill.

11.Mila Kunis

We all fell in love with a young Mila Kunis on the hit comedy, "That 70's Show," and she has been making us laugh ever since. Gorgeous and funny is a great combination to have, especially when you're dating funny man and prankster, Ashton Kutcher. The two were an on-screen couple on "That 70's Show," and are now playing it out in real life.


12.Kaley Cuoco

The star of the hit comedy, "The Big Bang Theory," Kaley Cuoco, previously starred on the sitcom, "Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter," opposite the late John Ritter. She is both beautiful and funny, able to deliver lines with just the right amount of sass. The starlet just recently married Ryan Sweeting and changed her name to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. 

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