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15 Mind Blowing Facts About Kissing

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:48 pm

Come on, who doesn't like kissing? It is indeed one of the best parts of falling in love. A kiss is a human way of expressing the feeling of fondness toward another person, animal, or even a lifeless thing. It shows love, affection, friendship, greeting, respect, romance, and even sexual feelings. Do you know kissing is a taboo in many countries? PDA in such countries can get you jailed! Hey, do you want to read more such fascinating facts about kissing? Alright, then. Puckering up. Smooching.  Snogging. Lip-locking. Face sucking. Whatever you name it, here are fifteen mind-blowing kiss facts everyone should read.

#3 French Kissing

If you think doing Calculus homework takes a lot of work, then you don't know much about French kissing. Though it's a slow and passionate way of kissing, French kissing doesn't just involve using your tongue. The technique alsoincludesusing all 34 muscles in the face. So the next time you want a good face work out, just grab a stranger and start kissing them.

French Kissing-15 Mind Blowing Facts About Kissing


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