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12 Most Racist TV Shows Ever Made

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 12:52 pm

Hey, it is 2018! We, humans, have progressed culturally, socially, and economically a lot in the last 50 years that there should be absolutely no space for social prejudices or discrimination based on race, religion, or ethnicity. However, such things still exist in almost every country on this planet. What you are about to read now are 12 TV shows that are considered racist. It would be wrong to think that all these TV shows belong to the yesteryears! You will be surprised to see some contemporary shows on the topic as well! Read more about the shows and know why they are labeled as racist.
1.Homeboys In Outerspace

Home Boys in Outer Space was a short-lived 90s TV show. The show revolved around two black astronauts who explore space with their magical winged-car called Space Hoopty. The show was lambasted by critics back then. Apart from being a rubbish TV show, it was also racist. It may have been set in the future and space, but it made sure that it still managed to fit in as many racial stereotypes as possible. No wonder UPN canceled the show after airing just one season. TV Guide featured the show on its list of 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time. That just tells you the story!

2.The Cleveland Show

This is racist simply because it makes sure that it fits in every conceivable black stereotype that you could ever imagine. OK it may be doing it as a kind of parody, but that does not mean that it no longer becomes racist.

3.Mind of Mencia

This was a very poor show on Comedy Central because it basically just featured a comedian from Honduras telling jokes about Mexicans, so that in itself made it racist. The fact that the jokes were not even funny was just an additional issue for them to contend with and it was no surprise that the show was axed.

4.Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry fall into the same trap as Looney Tunes in the way that they particularly portray black people. The voice, the way they act, and of course the way they are portrayed in general can now be seen as being racist even though back then everything was quite normal and there were no problems whatsoever.

5.The Lone Ranger

Yes the Lone Ranger could be seen as being racist even though he is just there to fight for good against the bad guys. However, "Tonto" is actually Spanish for stupid, so there is of course a little problem here that most people were not even aware of when it originally hit the TV screens.


The problem with this comedy is that it featured a clever white guy going to work in India in a call centre and of course the Indians are portrayed as being slightly stupid in a lot of ways and completely useless at their job. This fits in with a racist viewpoint on them, so that is why this show is actually quite racist.

7.Jonny Quest

We might have seen Jonny Quest on Cartoon Network or other local TV station when we were kids, but the original TV series dates back to the 1960s. The main issue with the show is the way the Indian boy and Chinese man was portrayed. There are scenes that show some of the Jonny Quest's leading characters bad mouthing Native Indians with words like heathen monkeys. Many people complained that the show promotes homosexuality! They say Benton Quest and Race Bannon are in a relationship, and in fact, their family along with Jonny Quest and Hadji was the first ever gay family on TV!



So how is 24 racist? Well some can argue that it is racist because of some of the series due to certain groups of people being portrayed to fit in with certain stereotypes. Yes the Muslim has to be a terrorist and dangerous.

9.Family Guy

The main reason why Family Guy is seen as being racist is due to the jokes made about black people. Stewie is the main culprit here and indeed people have argued for a long time that the show is racist, so look behind the humor and you will see that they are actually telling the truth.


10.Till death Do Us Part

This was a UK comedy show and there is absolutely no way that it could be shown today. The main character was as racist as they come, although not by 1970's standards, and you only have to watch one episode to discover the kind of views he had on basically everything.

11.Different Strokes

So what is racist about this you may ask? Well the way in which the white man has to come to the rescue of black kids and even though back then it may not have been seen as being racist there are certainly some undertones in there that we see in the world today.


12.Looney Tunes

When you stop and think about it, Looney Tunes was actually very, very racist. It would always portray black people in a certain way, that Native Americans are stupid and savages, Italians are lazy, and various other country stereotypes that were popular at that time.


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