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12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:14 pm

Did you know bra was invented by Caresse Crosby in 1914? A bra was never a man's idea! In fact, women have been playing a crucial role in innovating bras since the very beginning. Bras have come a long way in these hundred years. They make breasts look big, firm, and fuller. That being said, some undergarments that go by the name minimizer bras make bust appear small! Let's not peek into the mainstream lingerie. Allow us to present you with these 12 most ridiculously creative bras worn by kooky girls!
1.Cartoon Characters?

Yes any serious woman would love to walk around with this kind of bra on because surely nobody would notice it under your top? Oh wait they would wonder why you had two animal heads protruding out of your chest!!

Cartoon Characters?-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made

2.Big carrots

Festive bras are out there for you to buy, but surely none are as bad as this? The snowman bra could work quite well if it was not for the fact that the carrots are just completely out of proportion because how many women have breasts like this?

3.Hurry Up!!

Yes this bra appears to have a timer built in, so perhaps you only have a set period of time to figure out how to get into it or your chances or ever doing so are gone. In all honesty it just looks like a normal bra that has had a clock stuck on the front of it.

Hurry Up!!-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made


Well this bra is just too ridiculous for words and you have to say that you have never seen anybody walking around wearing this no matter where you live. The designer must have been on some strange power trip and wanting to push the boundaries, but all they did was push themselves towards insanity.

5.On tap

Oh my what a lovely pair of taps. The guy in the picture appears to be in a trance while looking at them and you just know he wants to see what happens if he turns the taps on.

6.Go Pacman!

Well this is a bra that in one way is ridiculous, but in other ways it is actually genius. Clearly to appreciate it you need to have been a massive Pacman fan and apart from that it just seems like a waste of what is probably a comfortable bra.

Go Pacman!-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made

7.Pokeball Bra

Are you a Pokemon fan? then you would love wearing it or may be you could ask your girlfriend to wear one. Think about the endless possibilities when you are with her, you can finally say, "Left/right one,I choose you!!" :D But don't do it if your partner is not a fan of Pokemon because then you will be probably sleeping on the couch that night! :D

Pokeball Bra-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made


8.Follow the light

OK you will immediately look at this bra and wonder what on earth is going on and why did the designer feel the need to add some lights to it? Do you flash the lights to indicate to somebody that you are interested in them? Do you have to be plugged in on a permanent basis? This is just strange.

9.What On Earth??

This is one of those moments where you look at the bra in question and just wonder what on earth is going on. At what point do you look at your bra and start to dream up this design? Somebody has been on the wine a bit too early here.

What On Earth??-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made


10.Mmm Bacon

Boobs and bacon! Well, that's how any girl can bring all the boys to the yard. Meet Nicky Stein, a young American woman who grabbed the world's attention by making and wearing a bacon bra! She loves bacon a lot that she calls her "bacontarian"! Nicky said she had seen some pictures of girls with bacon bras on the internet, and they inspired her to make one for her. Unlike those girls who used raw rashers, Nicky made the bra using cooked bacon. Well, that is perhaps the best way to serve bacon to a boyfriend! Her bra reminded us Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress.

Mmm Bacon-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made

11.See through? Not really

Well talk about being misleading. This bra from a distance makes it look as if it is see-through, but instead it is just a drawing of breasts and you do wonder as to why they even bothered to do this? It just does not make sense in any way whatsoever.


12.Udderly Magnificent

Well what can you say about this bra that the photograph itself is not already saying? Yes the designer of this bra has decided to turn it into udders and there is something quite majestic about it all when you stop and think about it. Oh and the jokes in your head are filthy, so stop it now!
This bra is probably meant for guys who love big breasts, I mean udders. :P    

Udderly Magnificent-12 Most Ridiculous Bras Ever Made


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