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12 Best Skeptical Third World Kid Memes Ever

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 9:31 am

Skeptical Third World Kid meme talks about how badly the people in African countries are dwelling in poverty. Only after looking at these skeptical third world kid memes, many people from first world countries have realized what it feels like to live in underdeveloped and hunger-stricken countries. The memes have played their part in highlighting problems underprivileged people face every day. The original photo of the meme was taken in 2012 when an Indian doctor was volunteering in Uganda. Someone made a meme with the photo a few months later, which went viral. Since then, Skeptical Third World kid has remained one of the most popular internet memes. 
1.On Kids Playing Army

Kids have some sort of fascination toward military. Many first world parents buy their kids military uniforms and toy guns etc so their children can play army. Kids in Africa, however, play army for real! They are taught to fight and use weapons from very young age. They need to protect their tribes or villages. They fight to survive, and an average American or first world kid wouldn't endure the hostile living conditions even for a day. In terrorist-affected African countries like Somalia, religious radicals snatch kids and train them to become terrorists or suicide bombers.

2.On Pizza

First of all, in third world countries they probably don't even know what pizza is, and if they did they would want some delivered, pronto. However, it is a travesty that pizza often does arrive quicker than the police in some cities in America. In fact, if it's late you get it for free.

3.On Toilets

The idea of wasting water to dispose of human waste is another thing about America that third world kids just can't understand. They do their duty in a hole, never using their valuable water supply to poo in. If they did, they would have to drink it later due to lack of water supply.

4.On Water Being Brown

Can you even step into muddy brown water barefoot? How about putting your hand in the water? Yeah, we don't like that feeling as well. People from many backward African and even Asian countries drink the same brown water we hate to touch. Drinking contaminated water is one of the main reasons why they suffer from terrible diseases. Many tribal people haven't seen clean water in their entire life, and our modern water filtration techniques sound no less astonishing than a fairy tale to them! Numerous charitable organizations have been working round the clock to provide clean drinking water to the poor and deprived. 

5.On Changing Clothes

In a third world country, you don't change and launder your clothes. The clothes on their back are their only clothes and they wear them until they are disintegrate on their bodies. The idea of having more than one set of clothes is something they cannot conceiver of, and hating what's in your closet is even more insane to them.

6.On Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian to a third world kid sounds insane. They eat what they can get and having meat on their plate is a luxury. They would never pass up the protein that they crave to build their bodies and make them stronger. For them it's all about survival of the fittest.

7.On Frozen Food

Frozen food? Say what? That's what this kid is thinking. When they have the privilege of having food to cook, they eat it immediately, often not having enough for a second serving. It's strange to them to think of cooking it, freezing it and cooking it again, and even more strange to think that a company cooks it, freezes it and then you cook it.


8.On Vaccines

To a third world kid it sounds crazy that people in America would refuse a vaccine, when they would kill to have one. Why? Because disease kills them every day. They wait for helicopters to bring doctors from America to bring vaccinations to immunize them so they can live a longer life.

9.On Apples

In a third world country an apple is a fruit not a huge company that makes millions upon millions of dollars. These people cannot imagine standing in line for hours for anything but food. Their lives are so primitive that their days are filled with scouting for food, preparing food and making it go as far as possible, with many mouths to feed.


10.On Fish?

These two little boys are so adorable and their faces are priceless. It looks like they doubt every thing this woman is saying. A woman from America, a land they heard of but never saw. They only hear stories and to them it sounds as foreign as aliens living on another planet

11.On Forgetting To Eat

Here in America we can get so caught up in our days that we forget to eat, feeling sick at around 2pm, realizing that we missed lunch. In a third world country that would never happen. Eating is always on their mind. They are in a constant quest to eat all day. They could never forget.

12.On Eating Too Much

In third world countries it's inconceivable that anyone could eat so much that they can become incapacitated. These people hardly have enough to eat during the day, they work for their food, and do not have grocery stores readily available to them, with scooters to drive around in. There are no at people in third world countries.


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