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15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Sunday, May 31, 2020, 8:38 am

This topic is a collection 15 offbeat jokes that need you to dig deep to find the joke! They sound outright terrible, but boy, when you manage to fish the humor in them, you are going laugh very hard. Nerds or wordsmiths should get the jokes straightaway. To help the rest of the people, we have neatly explained the joke. Don't read the description above the pictures unless you think you can't crack open the joke on your own! Hey, reread every joke a couple of times, and we are sure you will get it.  We are saying it again; these jokes are terrible, but they are hilarious as well. 
10.Try Not to Laugh

We are just kidding! You are free to laugh. We told you, right? This list is all about terrible jokes. This is one of those anti jokes which are popular and a trend at this moment. What exactly is this anti joke thing? Anti jokes are a kind of jokes that end up with completely different climax than what an average reader expects. When you read this joke, your mind sets you up to expect a cool flamingo fact, not what you have read there.

Try Not to Laugh-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

11.Flag is a Big Plus

When humor, sarcasm and pun are brought together, we have jokes like these to read and laugh. This is a classic joke and it has been there from very long time. This joke is so popular that many celebrities keep sharing this to their followers.

Flag is a Big Plus-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

12.How Long is a Chinese Name

How Long is a Chinese name. Think, think, and think... there's a big joke hidden in the picture! We guarantee a smile on your face when you get it. Have you got this joke yet? No? Okay, let us tell you. How Long is a Chinese name! We just said that the two letters 'How' and 'Long' sound like a Chinese name and surname. Now, read the whole sentence again!

How Long is a Chinese Name-15 Terrible Jokes That Are Actually Funny

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