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The Best Countries To Hook Up With A Girl

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 11:29 am


There is a reason as to why so many Venezuelans have either won Miss World of come close and that is because generally speaking they do have the most gorgeous women in the world. Of course that only counts if you love dark hair because you are not going to see natural blondes there, but hey they could dye it.


This country is of course full of Latina beauties and if they all look like this, then you can understand why people love going to Argentina. You will find it easy to charm them and impress them in every conceivable way, so start preparing your chat up lines.


The Dutch are seen as being quite laid back and that also applies to their women. They love to chill, they are never stressed about things, and ultimately they are great fun to be around. Just watch out for their cakes at certain parties.


Colombian women are gorgeous as you can see here. They are fit, funny, energetic, love to let their hair down, and you will have the time of your life there. How lucky you are depends on what you are like, but they will be open to at least chatting to you.


The Finns are perfect if you like light blonde hair because the country is awash with girls that sport that particular look. There are no airs or graces about them and even though they live in a very cold country you will always find that there is a warm welcome awaiting you.

6.Costa Rica

With Costa Rica you are getting just a touch of the Latina, so if that is the thing that attracts you, then book a flight and get out there. They have curves, they have dark hair, perfect skin, and they will tend to want to talk to people from outside of Costa Rica itself.


The Swedes have always been seen as being extremely beautiful and you can understand why when you look at this image. However, they are seen as being very friendly and know how to enjoy themselves, so if you are looking to hook up with an absolute stunner, then this could be the perfect country for you.



Canadian women are seen as being so much fun to talk to, they love to explore, relax, and they are often quite natural rather than being completely covered in make-up. This is like the girl next door and the fact that they love to chat means you are in with a chance.


Ukrainian women are seen as being along the same lines as Russian women, but then that is not surprising considering they come from pretty much the same place. They have the same looks and indeed you will find it hard to tell them apart.



Brazil has long been known for having beautiful women and they are so easy to approach and chat to, as long as you can both speak the same language. They will love you if you are from outside Brazil and if you are from Europe or the USA, then you are in with a good chance.


If you think that Russian women are stern, then think again. These Eastern European beauties have striking features and they love nothing more than to meet up with a tall, dark, and handsome male.



The thing about Australian girls is that they love the outdoors, they are laid back, and they are always fun to be around. If you are the party type, then they could very well be absolutely perfect for you.


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