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15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:46 am

Fewer people know the power of trolling. It's an art, and if it's neatly done, it can win you wars without needing to shed a drop of blood! Girls, if you master the art of trolling, you can keep creeps, stalkers, and sick m*therf*ckers at bay, and never have them trouble you ever again! If you need some inspiration, see these 15 images that show girls trolling creepers and ripping their pride apart. Be that girl who makes bad guys shit their pants. Oh yeah, we almost forgot that guys are reading this topic as well. It's a fun topic to read, guys! Read, have fun, but don't forget to share it with the girls on your friend's list!
4.This Guy Who Ran out of Words to Communicate

If you were that guy, what would be your reply? The guy in the image clearly ran out of ideas to counter that ridiculously witty girl. We are sure that guy will not ping her again anytime soon. Don't let unknown people bother you. Use your quick wit and humor to permanently ward them off your sight! 

This Guy Who Ran out of Words to Communicate-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

5.That Was Some Serious Burn

'Every kiss begins with K ;-)' - There was nothing wrong with this sentence. It was good. Where did it go wrong then? It has come little too soon! That guy should have tried more to impress that girl before throwing a one-liner like this. Sadly, that girl hit the guy right on his feels. 'Too bad, ugly begins with U' was an epic one-liner burn though!

That Was Some Serious Burn-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

6.When the Top of ME Goes Off

Women love cool guys, but most of them dislike random unknown guys who take pride in showing off their silly willies to the world! This is actually a problem many women face. If you are troubled by people who doesn't stop sending you nudes or indecent pictures, try to troll them and own them with some dark humor!

When the Top of ME Goes Off-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

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