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15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:48 am

If there's one place where you should never spell a word incorrectly, it should be on your skin. Oh yes, we are talking about the worst tattoo spelling errors that spoil the look of tattoos. Tattoos (most) are a kind of permanent marks on your skin. One got to be very careful before inking their bodies because once a tattoo is inked, it's tough to erase. You may need to shell out big bucks to get rid of them. There's no guarantee that a tattoo removal surgery can completely erase off a tattoo. It can even lead to bizarre tattoo removal disasters. Here are fifteen worst tattoo spelling mistakes ever spotted on people's bodies! 

It is a pity that a boy who wanted to thank her mother for the life she gave him by tattooing "Thanks mother for my life" but the tattoo artist ruined his appreciation by inking "Thenks mather for my life" on his side forearm. It looks like he is thanking Cotton Mather, from the Salem Witch Trials."But you'd be 321 years old... witch boy!"

Thanks-mother-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

14.To Live Doesn't Mean 'YOUR' Alive

Oh man, this 'your & you're' confusion is everywhere. It even crawled onto a tattoo! You got to proofread your tattoo, no matter what. You got to do it. This sentence 'To live doesn't mean you're alive' is a lyric from one of the Nicki Minaj's songs. Lyrics are lyrics - even if they don't make sense grammatically! 

To Live Doesn't Mean 'YOUR' Alive-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

15.Her Mom Is Her Angle!

What angle? Right angle, obtuse angle or acute angle? The intention was good. However, the execution was very poor. In most cases, tattoo artists just do what the customers tell them to do. If the tattoo artists are ignorant enough to not to figure out mistakes in the customers' tattoo requests, results will be like this. Lame and pathetic. 

Her Mom Is Her Angle!-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

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