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Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:00 pm

While we all think nail-biting is just a habit, it is actually more than what we think. It can be dangerous; as dangerous as it may permanently stop your nail from growing back. Some of us have this habit. Here are fifteen reasons why you should stop your nail-biting habit immediately. Some of these are very frightening.
4.It Causes Bruxism

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a condition where people involuntarily grind, gnash or clench teeth, usually during sleep. It often leaves people suffering from sensitive teeth, jaw pain and chronic headaches. Nail-biting is one of the many reasons that cause teeth grinding. Academy of General Dentistry linked long term nail-baiting to bruxism.

It Causes Bruxism-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

5.It Destroys Your Orthodontic Work

Most nail-biters who are on braces can no longer bite their nails like they usually do. However, there are some people who still bite nails despite having braces, especially those who newly got braces. If you are on braces, and if you start biting your nails, you are more likely to put your braces at the risk of breaking.

It Destroys Your Orthodontic Work-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

6.It Gives You Gingivitis

Nail-biters not only damage their teeth, but also gums. Sharp and hard edges of nails damage soft gum tissue while you try to chew nails. Gingivitis brings a world of dental problems, troubling you with its symptoms like swollen, bleeding and sore gums. Open cuts on gums caused by nail-biting increases the risk of catching severe infections.

It Gives You Gingivitis-Here's What Nail Biting Can Do To You

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