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15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 11:29 am

Traveling abroad is fun only when you know the customs and culture of the visiting country completely. Due to the immense culture difference between countries around the world, one needs to understand that something that's a good gesture in their country could mean offensive in the other parts of the world. Here are fifteen common mistakes travelers do abroad.
7.Asking English People How Much Money They Make

In UK, it is considered to rude when you ask someone how much money they make! It is same in the most parts of the world. People of UK, in particular, don't like being questioned about their income. If you are planning to visit UK, keep this little thing in mind. No, don't even ask Queen about her earnings!

Asking English People How Much Money They Make-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

8.Imitating Irish Accent in Ireland

Most western people, especially Americans, tend to think they can do Irish accent. Imitating Irish accent is considered insulting in Ireland. Religion and language are sensitive subjects in Ireland, so don't start any discussion on them unless you are a subject matter expert!

Imitating Irish Accent in Ireland-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

9.Wishing Advanced Birthday Wishes to Germans

Never ever wish a German a day before their birthday. Advanced birthday wishes are a big no in Germany, as people there think it gives them bad luck. Be mindful of this little cultural fact, and don't wish your German buddies in advance.

Wishing Advanced Birthday Wishes to Germans-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

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