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15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:03 pm

This is 2015, and the word 'future technology' still excites us. Many of us don't completely realize we are already living the future. We somehow convince ourselves that the technology we had in our hands today is old, and hope for the best every day. Here are 15 images that make you believe the future is already here, and we are living in it!
7.Because a Regular Door is Too Mainstream

Innovation is not always about creating something that's productive or solves a problem. Sometimes people innovate because they have to! Check this cool door. Now, this is what we call a doorway to future! This looks very interesting, right?

Because a Regular Door is Too Mainstream-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

8.Fighter Plane that Needs No Runway

Unlike other planes, this fighter jet doesn't need a runway to take off. Planes like these come very handy in tricky war situations. We bet there will be more futuristic and unbelievable war gadgets we may not see or hear! Remember, defense is one area where most people don't want to see future and innovation creep in.

Fighter Plane that Needs No Runway-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

9.This Transparent Car Hood

This transparent car hood is an instant attraction to those who are into off-road driving or racing. This is hard to believe, but this isn't fake at all. Land Rover unveiled this 'Vision' technology last year. The company used some advanced camera and projection system to make something like this possible.

This Transparent Car Hood-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

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