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15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 5:39 pm

In most cases, we can't tell how accidents happen. Sometimes we have clues. We don't care or show much interest. Once in a while, here and there, we see people or things and then we tell to ourselves 'oh, wow – there's an accident waiting to happen'! Check fifteen funny pictures that show some really terrible disasters about to happen. Check all the pictures, and tell us if you can relate to any one of these images. 
4.Marshmallows and Makeup Sponges

They look way too similar. On a bad day you may cook a makeup sponge and wonder why it got burnt so terribly.

Marshmallows and Makeup Sponges-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

5.This Time… Identical Supplement Containers

One mistake - and the person is going to spend the night in the toilet. The 'relax and sleep' pills aren't going to help either. That is just a disaster waiting to happen. 

This Time… Identical Supplement Containers-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

6.The evilest Piece of Construction

Tell us how someone can get down the stairs without tripping and fall on the floor? If not a severe head injury, at least, a broken ankle is guaranteed! 

The evilest Piece of Construction-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

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