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15 Things You Don't Know About Netflix

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 5:16 pm

You watch it, you like it, but do you know some interesting facts about Netflix? Netflix was started even before Google, and has seen many ups and downs through out its eighteen years of journey. Like most successful companies we see today, Netflix too was founded to address a problem! Here are 15 interesting facts about Netflix you probably don't know.
7.There's a Solution to Buffer Issues

Those who are facing buffering problems with Netflix can use this small trick to watch videos without interruptions. When you press Shift + alt + left mouse click all together, a troubleshooting menu pops up. This menu lets you to adjust bit rate of stream. You switch to lower bit rates for better streaming, but you need to deal with poor picture quality.

There's a Solution to Buffer Issues-15 Things You Don't Know About Netflix

8.This 2014 Funny Netflix Glitch

Back 2014, a glitch in Netflix made many of its subscribers laugh their asses off! Due to some technical glitch, the summaries of shows got messed up, creating hilarious plots and descriptions. The image says it all!

This 2014 Funny Netflix Glitch-15 Things You Don't Know About Netflix

9.An Average User Spends Only Two Minutes to Search Films/Shows

This is a surprise fact, as even we thought people spend most of their lives in searching for titles in Netflix! According to a Netflix stat, an average user spends no more than two minutes to search videos in the Netflix library before selecting one.

An Average User Spends Only Two Minutes to Search Films/Shows-15 Things You Don't Know About Netflix

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