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15 Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Enemy

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:31 pm

Is swearing bad? Some people say yes, and some say no. Many of those who think swearing is fine would absolutely hate it when someone starts cursing them back. What we are about to show you now are some well mannered insults, which work much better than swear words when you have to insult someone.
10.Yet Another Hilarious Insult

May you never be quite certain whether that pressure is a fart or poop.
Failing to judge between a fart and poop results in an instant regret! This is yet another funny insult to use on people who don't stop annoying you. Next time when you have to use a swear word, use this well mannered insults instead!

Yet Another Hilarious Insult-15 Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Enemy

11.We All Hate This, Right?

May your spoon always slip and sink under the hot soup you eat.
We all hate this feeling of having to pick up sunken spoon in a soup bowl with bare hands. That simply doesn't feel good. The pain is so strong with people who are germophobic. Use this funny curse on annoying people or friends. This insult sounds dramatic!

We All Hate This, Right?-15 Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Enemy

12.Internet Surfers' Problems

May your article load that extra little bit as you're about to click a link so you click an ad instead.
There are millions of websites out there on the internet, but not all of them are great when comes to user interface. However, many factors influence smooth browsing experience including your internet speed and browser type/version. Sometimes we end up clicking ads while we try to click on a link or title.

Internet Surfers' Problems-15 Well Mannered Insults To Use Against Your Enemy

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