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Amazing Staircases In The World

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 5:59 pm

1.Tiger & Turtle Stairs - Magic Mountain, Germany

It may look like a roller coaster but it's actually a staircase at Magic Mountain in Germany. Designed by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, the 249 step staircase is a major tourist attraction. Visitors are not allowed to walk on the upside down loops, which are closed off to the public, but can walk on the other parts of the curvy staircase.

2.Stairway To The SkY

Edward James created a sculptured garden in the rainforest of Mexico that rises more than 2000 feet with natural waterfalls and pools. Leading to nowhere but the sky, climbers can look out over James' entire garden in the tropical paradise just seven hours from Mexico City in a town called Xitila.

3.Longchamp Store - New York

Looking like a wooden wave, the stairs at the Longchamp Store in New York took six months to build. Weighing fifty five tons, and made of hot rolled steel, the stairs separate and converge to form landings and walkways. One of the most unique staircases in the world, and known as a tourist attraction.

4.16th Avenue - San Francisco

The world's longest mosaic staircase, the tiled steps on 16th Avenue in San Francisco has 163 steps and ascends 82 feet high. Designed by Irish ceramicist Aileen Barr and mosaic artist Colette Crutcher, it was built over two and a half year. Completed in August of 2005, 2000 handmade tiles were used.

5.Queen's House - England

Called the Tulip Staircase, these magnificent stairs reside in the Queen's House in England. With carefully spaced fleurs-de lis, the stairs may have gotten its name from them, thinking they were tulips. These stairs are the famous for being in a photograph of the ghost of Rev. R. W. Hardy, on June 19, 1966.

6.Vatican Museum - Italy

This staircase has been photographed more than any other staircase in the world. Located in the Vatican Museum, the spiral staircase was designed by Guiseppe Momo, with two separate spirals; one for going up and one for going down. Built in 1932, the designers had no idea that this construction closely resembled the double helix of the DNA strand.

7.Loretto Chapel - Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Loretto Chapel is known for the unusual spiral staircase that covers twenty feet with two revolutions. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the stairs had no central support at first, and was a magical feat of carpentry. Using dowels and wooden pegs, instead of metal nails, no one really knows who built it.


8.Garvan Institute - Sydney, Australia

At the Garvan Institute the spiral staircase is an amazing display. Located in Sydney, Australia, the stairs cover five stories from the ground floor to the top, with sixty five revolutions. The ultra modern feel to the open design of the building makes it a great spectacle from other floors.

9.Traversinertobel - Switzerland

Jurg Conzett and associate Rolf Bachofner designed the bridge over the Traversinertoboel. The last of it's kind, the bridge connects two elevations over a gorge in Via Mala. Replacing a rope bridge, that was wiped out during a landslide, the staircase covers more than 183 feet.


10.Queen Victoria Building - Australia

The amazing Grand Staircase of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia is often referred to as the Vertigo Staircase. Designed by George McRae and built in 1898, it was built as a monument to the Queen. The project took a long time to complete during a recession in the country.

11.KPMG Building - Munich, Germany

If you're ever in Munich, Germany, the stairs at the KPMG building are a sight to see. Designed by Olafur Aliasson, the staircase actually has a name. Say hi to Umschreibung whenever you're there. Built in 2004, the staircase belongs to the global accounting firm, and resides in their office for full use.


12.Lello Bookshop - Portugal

The stairs at the Lello Bookshop in Portugal are magnificent, and unlike anything you've ever seen. With a rich, wine red color, the singular staircase branches off, with intense curves, as you go higher. Unique and a tourist attraction to anyone who is in the area. Books or no books, the staircase is the main attraction.


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