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Amazing Zombie Wedding Cakes

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 3:18 pm

1.Massacre At The Chapel

Going to the chapel, and we're gonna get ... killed? This couple made it through a world of zombies to come together as one for life. Too bad they had to kill everyone along the way, even right up to the chapel door. But, then again, who needs guests when you have love?

2.It's A Long Way To The Top

It can be a long road to the wedding day, but zombies know it's even harder to dig yourself up form the grave. Finally they push through the dirt (I mean, cake), and through the sweet frosting, to come to life just in time to celebrate the big day. A graveyard can be a very romantic place.

3.Epic Wedding Cake

This union is epic, with two powerful people coming together to battle it out throughout the years. As they fight it out, blood is shed, but it's nothing we can't fix. A delicate sweet cake, with oozing red frosting to pay homage to the blood bath that will only happen on the cake and not in real life.


Marriage may not always be smooth sailing, and this cake shows just how rocky it can get. The bride and groom have finally made it to their big day, and it's being sabotaged. What can they do to make it? Stick together, trust each other and be strong. The rest will fall into place!

5.Guts and Glory

You got to have guts to get married these days. Little did we know how much! This wedding cake has the guts and gore to make it through the ups and downs of marriage. It may look innocent on the outside, but like most marriages, sometimes it can get bloody.

6.Black Widow

It looks like this virginous bride didn't even wait until after sex to kill her mate. For her it was good enough that he committed to loving her for the rest of her life. Lucky for us, we get some sweet blood frosting dripping down this beautiful white wedding cake. Yum!

7.The Beautiful

All brides are beautiful, even this one. She went through painstaking fittings to look perfect for her special day, picking out just the right gown and veil, and the make up artist knew just how to make up that gorgeous face. It's a day to remember, a day that seems to make your heart leap out of your chest.


8.All My Heart

Love is all encompassing, and when you love with all your heart it shows. This couple want the world to see how their two hearts now beat as one, as the raw heart sits atop the cake, as blood oozes down the cake. It's a good thing it's just frosting.

9.Narrow Escape

This couple makes a great team. Narrowly escaping creatures and ghouls, they made it safely to the top, but how long can they stay away from the temptations and evil lurking at every corner? Only time will tell, but for this day at least, they are a strong unit against the world!


10.Hurry, run!

Brides and grooms selectively pick their bridal party ... so they can kill them later. As the maids and groomsmen rush from the crazed bride and groom, they are chased with chainsaws. A bloody good time seems to be had by all. Dig in and taste how sweet marriage can be.

11.Red Wedding Day

They made it to the alter, through all the good and bad. Tattered and bloody, there should be smooth sailing ahead. A great cake for those who've made it through hell to get married, or for lovers of all things horror, this delightfully bad cake is a great send off for the happy couple on their special day.


12.Chainsaw Massacrake

For the couple who live in the macabre world of chainsaws and severed heads. This zombie cake is bloody delicious, with a little bit of a zing ... or make that, sting. It's definitely a match made in hell, but that's where all the fun is, isn't it. And, it's sure to last forever.


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