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Amazing Glass Houses

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 1:15 pm

1.A Forest Feast by Stuart Parr Design

Imagine being able to eat in the wilderness all year through. This charming dining room feels as if it forms part of the forest complete with wood floor and animal accessory. Offering both inspiring views and first class comfort any one would enjoy this type of luxury living.

2.Juxtaposition of Ideas

This home is both elegant and sturdy and is able to mix the hardness of steel with the magnificence of glass. The views that around the home are truly breathtaking with the top most point of the home offering a panoramic view. Set in Cornwall, New York this home offer a mix of sturdy hardiness with glass elegance.

3.Rockies Sunshine and Warmth

Built in the Rockies, this grand scale home manages to be both cozy and awe inspiring. There are five bedrooms one of which is has a birds eye view of its surrounds. Designed by Matthew McCullen the home boasts three stories and easy access to the grand scenery that surrounds it.

4.Forest Charm

In a bid to remain airy and almost invisible this Japanese home is a mix of glass and wood. The wood beams take their cue from the surrounding forest and the glass is said to remove any blight on the landscape by attempting to appear invisible. This charming home is sure to offer a sanctuary to any owner who is lucky enough to live there.

5.Dreams of a Tree House

The charm of the 'tree-house' never truly leaves us and if you are seeking a sanctuary this home in Australia promises and delivers all of that. Designed by contemporary architect Utz Sanby the home overlooks the forest and maintains a feeling of oneness with nature while providing a safe and sturdy place to call home.

6.Seaside Paradise

There is a charming mix of traditional home and glass innovation juxtaposed in a concept that brings the outdoors into your home whilst maintaining a little of that homely feel. This clever design is situated in Suffolk and is poised right on the sea-side. You can wander out of the lounge area onto the beach without pause. This has to be a little piece of British heaven?

7.German Fine Engineering

Situated in Germany and designed by Werner Sobek this four story home is a masterpiece in design. Not only fully solar powered it is completely recyclable too. Meaning each part can be broken down to be reused or disposed off.


8.The Watervilla kortenhoef

This beautiful glass home appears to be almost floating on the lake. Engineered with mostly floor to ceiling glass there are a few panels of wood giving the home a warmer look than a complete glass house. If you don't mind sleeping underwater this is the house for you. Since the bedrooms are at underwater level. Situated in the Netherlands the lake house draws many compliments and praise from the area it is situated in.

9.The Farnsworth House

This house, which probably marked the beginning of glass houses as part of contemporary style, was designed and delivered by Miles Van der Roche. Marking a period in modernistic architecture the home was designed for a client who's mandate included 'Make a home that is just like me'.


10.Dream Bedroom

Some people put beautiful paintings on their walls in order to capture that relaxing essence of nature. Some people live in nature to get that feeling and others manage to get it all. A beautiful comfortable bedroom surrounded by a surreal span of relaxing countryside. This home alludes to both comfort and beauty.

11.Sea Views On All Sides

What could be better than waking up to this view everyday. It beats living in a small dark city apartment for example. There is a few walls too, to break up the home affording its dwellers a bit of privacy. The views can simply take your breath away. Built in California it sure does sum up the adage 'Living The American Dream'.


12.Glass Elegance and Beauty

At first glance this glass house can illicit 'Oohs' and Ohs!' and indeed it is a masterpiece. Designed by architect Santambrogiomilano, the house was mostly designed to show off the glass furniture that fills it. As with all pros there are of course cons. Privacy might be a huge issue in this home if people stay over.


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