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Amazing Water Droplet Photography By Miki Asai

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:28 am


Unexpectedly bold, red and blue create almost a city landscape with the softness of water and fluidity. Imagine this made large and on your wall and the peace it would bring you.


Deep red and monochromes of crimson showing tight hidden buds amongst the droplets. For some reason the red really does manage to just bring the entire image to life.

3.Winter Underworld Forest

Like a scene from a winters water forest, droplets and flora dance and dodge the imaginary wind. It gives a chilly feel to a beautiful photograph.

4.Strings of Diamante

Droplets like strings dancing in the sunlight, reminiscent of diamante and diamonds. The way that the light just hits them really does manage to bring the entire thing to life.

5.Lets Dance

'Lets dance', the elements are fluid and intriguing. Focusing on turquoise, soft baby blue and striking lilac. The trademark hint of gold in the background.

6.My Heart

Surprise 'heart' captured in bold colors that signify love, deep purple, red, gold and burned yellow. The water droplets just look like diamonds sitting on top.

7.Perfection and Symmetry

Nothing so romantic as the rose, petals dancing colors of mixed silver white, pink and fuchsia. This looks like an absolute work of art more than anything else. Photograph compliments of BOREDPANDA.COM



The only way that you can describe this image is that it is a pink and white infusion of delicate artistic imagery. You just feel that you would hate to touch anything or it would just all fall apart.

9.Explosive Art

An explosion ending in a simplified daisy chain of water droplets. It just feels as if there is so much going on in this image.



A fantasy land of water and soft delicate flowers. There just appears to be so much life in a simple image thanks to the way in which the raindrops are balanced there.


Strength and whimsy create this juxtaposition of ideas that together form magic. The patience and skill level to capture this kind of image really is outstanding.



Delicate pinks and pale white dashed with yellow create a wonderland as yet unseen by the human eye without any help. This truly is a wonderful image.


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