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Best "Girls With Beer" Photos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:13 pm

1.Pour it in there

Well this certainly gives you a different perspective on things, but at the same time you have to say that she is hot and boy does she love beer. As a guy surely you would be proud to be with somebody like this?

2.Lite beer..leaves nothing to the imagination

There is no doubt that drinking Lite beer does strip away some things about the drink in the first place, so it makes sense for it to be advertised in this way as well. Could this company have got a couple of girls that were more perfect for it than these two?

3.Yes she has some beer

Just imagine being at a party and this is how your ice cold beer is served, would that not be one of the best parties you could ever hope to be at? In actual fact you probably would not care about the beer.

4.Corona at it again

Well this might not be an actual marketing photograph, but at the same time it also does not leave much to the imagination either. It does not take a genius to work out what is going to be in your head right now.

5.A newly found love of Corona

Ok so you may never have been the biggest fan of Corona, but surely that opinion has changed slightly now? The sales must have gone through the roof when this image was made public.

6.What a whopper

No wonder the girls in this photograph are smiling and laughing because boy is that one big glass of beer. The one good thing is that you certainly do not require beer goggles in order to find them attractive.

7.A novel way of drinking

Well this is certainly a novel way of drinking beer and how come us guys are not allowed to do something like this? We would d!e if this was our cup holder on a regular basis.



How much fun would you have in hitting your glass against hers and shouting out cheers? Come to think of it you would probably buy a beer just to do that even if you hated the stuff in the first place.

9.Life could be perfect

Let's be honest here you are probably thinking that this is one of the best photographs you have ever seen in your entire life. Can you actually fault any part of this apart from the background?


10.All desperate for it

Have you ever seen a group of women getting so excited for beer before? Nope probably not, but then for a beer that size can you imagine the battle amongst guys?

11.The beer is on her

What this picture shows is why Oktoberfest in Germany is so popular and there you were thinking that it was all about the beer. As you can see that is certainly not the case because the correct answer is that you are there for both women and the beer.


12.Drink it up

Well it is pretty obvious as to why this photograph has been included because it does indeed show a hot woman with one impressive looking beer. All it needs is for her to drink that in the one go and she really would be the perfect woman.


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