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Best DIY Phone Accessories

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 8:33 am

1.Clear Packing Tape Screen Protector

Measure you iPhone screen and cut a piece of clear packing tape to the same size, adding an inch to the height. Dip the tape into a bowl of slightly soapy water. After a few seconds, place a drop of water on your screen and apply the tape, holding it by the extra inch, to the screen. Use a credit card to squeegie out the bubbles. Cut off the extra inch, and you've got yourself a screen protector.

2.Binder Clip Car Mount

Forget laying your phone in your lap or cup holder, that can be dangerous. If you have a large binder clip, you can mount your phone right to your car in a jiffy. Wrap the metal wings of he binder clip with strings so you don't scratch your phone. Place rubber bands around the base of the wings and then clip the entire thing to your car air vent.

3.Mini Charger Cable

How many cords can one bag handle? Most times we have so many cords, they all get tangled together. Why not make these little charger cords, that are impossible to tangle. Check out this instructional video for more details on how to construct one, or two, or many of these cool little USB chargers. VIDEO

4.Paper Clip Stand

Need to prop your iPhone up right away? Grab a large paperclip and uncurl it. Reposition the clip to hold you phone up. It works very well, and is quick and easy. No having to use tools, or bother propping it against something, only to have it fall over. Great for taking selfies.

5.Homemade Stylus

Here's a great one if you like using a stylus for your iPhone. Remove the ink cylinder and pen point from a pen and squeeze a piece of sponge into the point hole. This should work on your touchscreen just like a stylus, and if you use conductive foam, instead of a sponge, it will work all the much better.

6.Red Bull Interference Shield

Sometimes your iPhone can pick up interference from other devices that are in the same room, or nearby. If you want to give your iPhone some extra energy, slice open a can of RedBull, rinse it out and dry it, then wrap it around your phone dock. You will be rid of those annoying buzzing and clicks.

7.Macro Lens

Wouldn't it be great to take pictures with your iPhone like your digital camera does? Well, if you're like most of us, you've ditched your camera and mainly use your phone camera, because who wants to carry around two devices. Here's a great solution. By recycling the lens from the camera you can increase the quality of your pictures. Check out how to do it HERE.


8.Pringles Amplifier

Want to amplify your sound in a crisp way? Try an empty can of Pringles. Lay it down on its side and slip your iPhone into it. Sit back and enjoy the sound, and be in awe at how great it works. Make sure to clean out the container with a damp paper towel, to pick up the any residual grease and crumbs left from the chips.

9.Toilet Paper Roll & Plastic Cups Speakers

It may not look all that great, but in a pinch works amazingly well. Grab an empty toilet paper roll and two plastic cups. Cut a slit into the toilet paper roll and slide your iPhone into it, upside down. Cut a hole in the side of each cup, about midway down. Slide a cup on each side of the toilet paper roll, and turn up the tunes.


10.Altoids Charger

Got an Altoid's gum tin and two double A batteries? Then you can make your own iPhone charger. Once it's completed, you can throw it in your pocket and charge your phone anytime anywhere. No need to plug into an outlet, which makes it great for planes. For detailed instructions go HERE

11.Pencil Stand

For this one, you need six pencils and six rubber bands. It makes a great iPhone stand, and looks great on your desk too. Wrap the rubber bands as depicted in this picture and voila. Or you could use colored sticks, to give the stand a different feel to it.


12.Mini Cassette Case Stand

These do-it-yourself hacks work as great accessories for the iPhone, and they are pretty easy to do. In this case, if you have any mini-cassettes left, just use the case for a stand, Open it and flip the cover over, placing the phone in the little slot that the cassette typically sits in.


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