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Best Anti Virus Companies

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 5:38 pm


Webroot focuses on making sure that your PC is still performing to the best of its ability even though you have an anti virus program running in the background. It focuses on using up as little of your processor as possible, but at the same time it makes sure that it does not impact on its performance.


Comodo is quick to download and as soon as you work out how to use it you will find that it sits there on your computer working away while you get on with everything else that you need to do. It has a pretty good detection rate and the firewall part is certainly good at what it does, but do note you will have to play around with the settings.


BitDefender is seen by people in the industry as being one of the best companies of its kind and when that is the case you know that they are good. It monitors your computer at breakneck speed, it finds issues, it deals with them, and it allows you to just be online with your own peace of mind.


While Avira may not feel as if it is as comprehensive as some of the others out there it does not mean that it is worse than its competition. Instead, it is a slightly lightweight anti virus company, but at the same time it still protects you from everything it needs to and that is, after all, the most important part.


ESET feels as if it is one of the new kids on the block in an industry that is very tough to break into. It does this through its power of detection and the speed at which it monitors your system constantly for any problems at all. Overall it is certainly a company you should consider using.

6.Quick Heal

A lot of people may never have heard of Quick Heal and that in itself is a shame. This is a company that focuses on speed of detection and clearing up the issue almost instantaneously. It protects your computer, your email, drives you plug into your computer, and anything else that could be infected and it does the job pretty well.


AVG has one of the more complex anti virus systems out there, but at the same time it is also very good at what it does. You will need to update it quite often because they are always on the lookout for changes in viruses or the latest threats and that could slow your computer down a bit, but it keeps you safe so is it not worth it?



Apart from the fact it has a name that sounds like it comes from a movie about pirates, Avast is actually pretty good at offering you protecting from online threats. Aside from viruses it will also allow you to update software while keeping you safe as that is an area that is often exploited.


Wait? Microsoft? Yep if you think that other companies slow down your computer, then you should give some serious consideration to downloading Microsoft Security Essentials. This is going to allow you to work well on your computer, but at the same time it is going to protect you from attacks and they are pretty good at detecting them as well.



This is one of the most popular, and most well known, companies of its type out there and that is due to it being involved in huge marketing campaigns for a number of years. Basically this is going to cover every aspect of your computer and protect you from every conceivable angle, so it is no surprise that it is popular.


Apart from the fact that the guy that created this is a bit of a maverick this company is pretty good at not only detecting issues, but protecting you from them and dealing with any infections that you may have. It does take up some of your processor, but not enough for you to really notice.



Kaspersky has been seen as one of the best anti virus companies for quite some time now and that is of course due to the way in which it detects such a high number of infections or attacks on your computer. They are also at the forefront of tracking the latest threats, so their software is among the most up to date anywhere.


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