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Best Of Liam Neeson

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 9:34 am

1.This would be unlucky

Yep this would certainly be very unlucky on your part if you did make a prank call and got him on the other end. It would more than likely be the last time that you did that.

2.Slight contradictions?

Well this is certainly quite confusing because it does appear to be the case that Liam can indeed not win. The one thing you can say is that it is not for the lack of trying that's for sure.

3.Yep we would look different

It just seems as if Liam Neeson is made for holding a gun and the two go together like strawberries and cream. For most of us we would just look strange trying to do all of this, but then that is why he is an actor and we are not.

4.Tough...but cool

Yep Liam is both tough and cool, but then you would feel the same if you were in his shoes. Imagine having played a couple of the biggest roles out there and how good you would feel as an actor?

5.He really does try

It appears to be the case that Liam does not have the patience to just hang around and wait for help to arrive. Instead, he has to do it all himself, but then when you have achieved what he has, then you can kind of understand it.

6.Wrong number

Yeah if you called him up and he said all of that would you not then claim the wrong number as well? It does seem like the sensible thing to do since you know that he will indeed be able to track you down and, well, kill you.

7.Said like a gent

Yes this is being said like a gentleman and if he was dressed like this and spoke like this would you feel as threatened by him? Suddenly you just picture him in a smoking jacket and being completely relaxed about it all.


8.Obama isn't bothered

This is hilarious because of the photo of Obama at the bottom. He just comes across as not being bothered at all, but it is Liam Neeson on the other side you know??

9.A different slant

Suddenly if you put this as the next line, then his rant about finding them and killing them really does not come across as being that scary. It would also be a shorter movie is this was the actual line.


10.Even Chuck knows

It really would be some battle between the two since they are both associated with being tough guys that are pretty much invincible. Come to think of it, there is an idea for a movie.

11.A very good question

If you know that he has done all of this, then surely trying to kidnap his daughter should go down as one of the craziest things ever? You would need to have a screw loose in order to think that this is a good idea.


12.Yep he is tough

Come on if you have done all of this, then why would anybody wish to tackle you in any way whatsoever? It just does not make sense unless you are absolutely insane because how are you ever going to win?


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