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Clumsy People Unable To Do Simple Things

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:50 pm

1.Drinking soda

If you are clumsy, then you are even going to have problems trying to drink soda. This kid is getting a soaking thanks to this bottle of Coke, and they have probably dropped it a number of times before opening it and are unaware that they need to allow it to settle first.


If you are clumsy, then how are you supposed to run? Your legs are going to be unable to co-ordinate themselves in a safe manner and the result is something like this happening.

3.Taking a child for a walk

So this mother is that clumsy that she is unable to take her child for a walk without it turning into a disaster. She has only managed to tip her over and she has then done a faceplant on the ground and all thanks to her mother being too busy on her phone.

4.Sitting on furniture

Some people are that clumsy that they are actually unable to even sit on furniture without it turning into a complete disaster. Look at this woman for example, she has only managed to tip over the entire thing and how on earth did she do that?

5.Walking carefully on wet floors

This person is incapable of reading signs and then taking care when walking on wet floors. Clumsy people will tend to just ignore the sign and believe that they are invincible, up until they fall over that is.

6.Walk in high heels

If you are female and clumsy, then walking in high heels is certainly not something that you should be doing. This is just a recipe for disaster and something that needs to be avoided or else you end up falling over like you are drunk even when you are not.

7.Going on an escalator

An escalator is not exactly the hardest thing to walk on, but for some people it is just impossible for them to do it without falling over. Look at this guy for example. He has decided to try going up it on his back and that is not the best way of doing things.


8.Walking down stairs

Yep this person is unable to walk down stairs without pushing their face into the ground. The fact that all of these people were standing there waiting for them just makes the entire thing so much worse.

9.Playing tennis

This tennis player seems to think that he can play a shot while on his head, but surely that is not something that is generally advisable? The big question here is how he managed to not break his neck in the process?


10.A see-saw

A see-saw is not exactly difficult, but this kid does seem to have problems in mastering how you get on it and then work it without looking silly. Does she not realize that she will get on better if she sits on it?

11.Sitting on a fence

Yep this woman is incapable of sitting on a fence without tumbling over the back of it. How come her friend can manage to do this without incident, but it is just far too much for her?


12.Cycling in the rain

Yep this person is that clumsy that they are unable to do something as simple as cycling in the rain. Of course it does not help that they are trying to hold up an umbrella at the same time, so this is just a recipe for disaster.


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