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Cool Alarm Clocks

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 6:14 pm

1.Smash It!

This alarm clock is pretty much impossible to destroy because it is actually designed to withstand you punching it or throwing it against the wall in order to put it off. You need to hit it with some force in order to do this because it is going to just keep going on and on until it drives you insane.


This alarm clock is cool because the longer you sleep, the more money you end up donating to a charity that you have selected when you set the thing up. It does this through a wi-fi connection and it is certainly going to be some good motivation not to just lie there because even though you are donating to a good cause it is still the case that you are losing money.

3.Run around

This alarm clock will start to roll around the ground until you get up to switch it off, so it is another cool alarm clock that really does play on motivating you to get out of bed. If you leave it to roll around then it is going to annoy you so much that you will be unable to take it anymore and have to get up before you go insane.


Yep you got it right, this alarm clock does indeed produce nice hot bacon for you in the morning because everybody knows that the smell of bacon will always get you up. This is a clever alarm clock because it plays on this well known fact, so it may not be the nicest looking one, but at least it does the trick.

5.The robot

These alarm clocks are just cool because of the way they look and you can just imagine them as a real boys alarm due to their mechanical arms and just the roughness of the metal used. However, they are perfect alarm clocks and of course to put them off you slap their head, so ultimately it is quite a clever design.

6.Note shredder

Would it force you to get up if money was being shredded before your very eyes? Would that motivate you to get out of bed and switch that alarm off? Of course it would, but you can also put other items in there to shred since doing it to money is actually illegal. Oh and this alarm clock is very hard to find.

7.Shoot It

This alarm clock is a lot of fun, and therefore it is cool, because to put it off you need to shoot the target with this laser gun. This is going to test how accurate your shot is when you have just woken up and the chances are it will take you a few times to knock that alarm off, but by then you are wide awake and ready for the day.


8.Sleep & Wake

This alarm clock is for children and it simply tells them when it is time to sleep and when it is time to get up as is shown here with the green man all lit up. It is certainly a clever idea and it is different to what you will see elsewhere, so if you are trying to introduce your child to a sleep pattern, then this is the clock for you.


If you love your traditional arcade games, then this is the alarm clock for you. Yes you got it right this is Pacman and even though it may not be the most advanced alarm clocks on the market you cannot help but love it due to the character himself and that alone could convince you to go and buy it.


10.Open gears

This alarm clock is really for those people that love mechanical things as it shows you the insides all working as well as it telling you the time. This is seriously cool and you just know that some people are going to pour over it in order to fully understand how this thing works, but it just looks quite manly at the same time.

11.Darth Vadar

This alarm clock is cool and it needs no real explanation as to why this is the case. Ok so you need to be a fan of Star Wars to appreciate it, but if that is indeed you, then would you ever want another alarm clock? Is it not quite freaky how the time appears in his eyes?


12.The flyer

How cool is this alarm clock? Ok it might not be much to look at, but when that alarm goes off the top part takes off and flies around the room forcing you to get up in order to catch it and stop it. Of course this is going to make a difference because you need to move when your snooze button is up in the air.


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