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Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 3:55 pm

1.Peeling made easy

You have to admit that this gadget is going to make peeling things so much easier. Gone are the days where you have to do it all manually because all you need to do is to sit the vegetable in the machine and then wind the handle.

2.Corn off the cob

Do you love corn, but want it off the cob? Then how about this rather cool gadget? It does all of the hard work for you and does so in seconds, so if you love corn you simply cannot do without this in your kitchen.

3.Pizza scissors

Whoever came up with this idea is certainly a genius. These pizza scissors are so cool and if you love pizza, then you cannot cope without having them in your kitchen. They are so easy to use and you will wonder how you ever managed to live without them.

4.Dinosaur tea

Well if you have loose tea and want to make sure that it does not get into your actual drink, then how about this rather cool little gadget? This dinosaur will keep everything inside without any leaking, so you can enjoy the tea without picking things out on a constant basis.

5.Cube that avocado

Getting all of that avocado out can be a pain, but not if you use this rather cool little gadget. All you need to do is to get the stone out, then push this in and watch as it is then cubed perfectly. This is quick and easy and you will feel less stressed in the process.

6.Pineapple corer

Getting that pineapple out is always an issue, but not now if you have this rather useful gadget to hand. It does all of the hard work on your behalf and it does everything perfectly as well, so you can then focus on other things and not losing your temper with your pineapple.

7.Trusting knife holder

Well we all need somewhere to store our knives, and how cool is this? You do fear for the guy because surely he is at risk of losing some vital parts if you are not careful about what you are doing?


8.A self stirring mug

This mug has to be for the laziest people in the history of the world because who else would need a mug that stirs things by itself? You also need to question why somebody decided to sit and work out how to make this in the first place because surely they have more than enough time on their hands to stir their own coffee?

9.The egg head

Dealing with an egg can be a messy business, but not if you have this rather cool gadget. As you can see he deals with everything and it stops your hands getting covered in egg, although it does drip out of him in a rather strange way.


10.Fancy toaster

A toaster can actually be funkier than you think and this is certainly a strange one. The toast appears to slide through like a photocopier, so maybe it just copies the burnt image onto the surface of the bread and it is all a big joke to us?

11.Apple corer

Getting that core out of an apple can be tricky, but this corer gadget does it in a flash and stops you from having to fiddle around too much with something that you are already bored with. You need to have a little bit of strength to push it in and then turn it, but apart from that it is easy to do.


12.Banana peeler

Now if you have problems with peeling a banana, then at least you know that there is another option out there. This handy peeler gets it started for you and does so in an instant, so you can enjoy it without being too stressed after struggling to get into it for five minutes.


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