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Coolest Suits Of Armor

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 9:21 am

1.Hellgate London - Templar armor

Well you just have to look at this suit of armor and think wow because it really is cool as well as being very effective at the same time. This suit actually throws things back at the bad guys and deals with them accordingly, so it protects you in more ways than one.

2.World of Warcraft - Warlock outfits

The warlock outfits in WoW are all along the same kind of lines, but at the same time they still manage to look completely different. The one thing that you can say about them is that they are very colorful and even if you then question how effective they are at protecting you, they are still cool.

3.Starcraft 2 - Combat suit

So where do you begin with this suit of armor? It is big, it is bulky, it can withstand a number of shots, and overall it is very impressive. If you are playing this game, then surely this is the suit of armor for you.

4.Hair - Bayonetta

This is how the female character does armor and it does tend to look a bit different to what is worn by guys. It generally seems to be classier, but at the same time this one leaves you wondering how it can protect her, but it does so that is the important thing.

5.Assassins Creed 2 - Armor of Altair

Ok so it may not look as futuristic as others, but then there is a reason for that. However, have you ever seen a suit of armor that is as ornate as this one? It is cool in an entirely different way.

6.Halo 3 - Mjolnir VI

This is probably one of the most famous suits of armor due to the popularity of the game Halo 3. This protects you against everything, including radiation, so when you are in there you feel as if you are invincible, but then that is because you basically are.

7.Metroid Prime - Phazon suit

The first thing that you will notice here is that it does seem to have large shoulder pads. It does protect the character from almost everything, but it does still have its weak points although we are not talking about that as we are focusing on how cool it is and there is no doubt that it is smart to look at.


8.Super Mario 3 - Tanooki Suit

This suit of armor is cool simply because it is different to anything else out there. Yes it may not be able to withstand grenades or bullets, but it allows you to turn into a statue and not to be killed all of the time.

9.Crysis - Nano Suit

There are so many different things going on with this armor that it is difficult to work out where we should begin. As you can see here every part of you is covered by the armor and how much confidence would you have in your character if you had all of this?


10.Vanquish - ARS Suit

Now this is what you call some cool armor because there is not one single square inch of you that is not fully protected. It just looks so mean and you would feel confident in it absorbing rounds no matter how many are thrown at you.

11.Dead Space - Scorpion Suit

Now you have to admit this is cool and not only because it is in red. Instead, it just looks so mean, but at the same time you know that you are going to get quite a lot of protection from it as well.


12.Big Daddy - BioShock 2

This suit of armor is of course from BioShock 2 and you have to admit that it is rather impressive to look at. In this game it is capable of taking so many rounds that it starts to get ridiculous and if you do not have it, then you will probably be quite jealous.


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