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Craziest Foot Tattoos

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 11:51 am

1.Not excellent

Wayne's World was a hugely popular movie in the 90's but sadly this tattoo has not come up to the same high standards as the movie. The artwork is poor, it just looks so wrong in general, and there is no way that it can be called excellent. All round this was a bad decision.


Apparently this tattoo was called the human centipede, but it certainly does not look as innocent as an insect. Instead there is a good chance that your mind is going crazy right now trying to make sense of what it sees before it.

3.Subway lines

So you go on the subway a lot, but are forever getting lost so what do you do? Well that's easy because you put the map of the subway on your foot, so all you need to do is check it and you know where you are. Welcome to Foot-nav.

4.Cut here

At first glance you think that this tattoo is weird until you look more closely at the toes of the person. As you can see, those two are joined together, so suddenly it goes from a weird tattoo to a clever tattoo in one easy move.

5.Heaven is a bacon sandwich

You would imagine that the person that got this tattoo done was drunk at the time because there is no other way of explaining why they decided to get some bacon put on there. Not only do they have the bacon, but they also have some of the grease around it as well just to make it look better, but sadly it will not smell like bacon.

6.Super Mario feet

The first thing that you think of here is that this must have hurt a lot, but the tattoo itself is actually seriously cool. The way in which it has both characters getting ready to fight one another just makes things even better and the tattoo artist has certainly done a fantastic job.

7.Beauty and the bitch?

You have to question the sanity of the person that decided to get this tattoo done on their feet. Surely somebody must have pointed out to them that it is actually beauty and the beast and not beauty and the bitch because Walt Disney would not have been that happy about that movie title.



Well this is undoubtedly a classic tattoo, but have you ever seen it on a foot before? It might be wacky, but it certainly works well and lets face it we all love Pacman don't we?

9.Star Wars

Well this is certainly quite a geeky tattoo since it is all about Star Wars and the other thing you can say about it is that it is certainly very colorful. However, what is actually going on? Unless you love the movies you are going to look at it and think it is a mess.


10.The race car

Well this tattoo is certainly a lot different to anything else that you will have ever come across before since it is a race car, but does it actually work as a tattoo? There just seems to be so much going on here, but what is it all supposed to mean?


One of the main things that you must notice about this tattoo is just how detailed it is and you have to admit that it is seriously cool. This must have taken them ages to do, but it was certainly worth it all in the end.


12.Mmm bacon

Well ok you love bacon, but do you need to go and get it put on your feet? How bad are those feet as well? It looks like the bacon would be healthier.


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