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Creepiest Toys

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 10:03 am

1.The Evil Clown

No wonder most kids burst into tears around the party clown. Perhaps they had the misfortune of meeting this sinister little guy? This is a surefire way to put your child off wanting to go to the circus for the rest of their life.


Perhaps this little Cutie Doll has other things on her mind. Things we would rather not know about? Or things her little parents should know about? Either way this is not exactly the best toy to be giving your child is it?

3.Born Creepy

Some dolls go strange and some are born strange. This little Miss has a face that Little Red Riding Hood would fear. It could be the flaring nostrils that give it that extra air of creepiness? You have to admit that this is going to freak you out.

4.Too Much Information

We have heard of too much information but this is information overload. This furry bears butt comes with teeth. Or is it the wrong way around? Perhaps someone added those teeth and who do those teeth belong too?

5.Creepy Toy Makers

Whoever designed this toy gun for kids certainly scores high on the creep factor. One can only imagine what he or she was thinking about that day. Or maybe one shouldn't because it is going to tell us more about them than we perhaps want to know.

6.The Walking Talking Doll

Wind her up and this walking talking doll will bring you hours of amusement, or is that hours of terror? What if she wound herself up and walked all over your house? Up and down the staircase. These are the ideas that spurred a million horror movies I am sure.

7.Gnashing Teddy

This evil Teddy with his big eye expression and nasty teeth is the last toy you'd ask for cuddles on a cold and stormy night. What happened to the good old sweet faced Teddy's that used to bring us comfort?


8.Zombie Twins

This little pair of sinister looking twins would keep anyone awake with those vacant staring eyes. Imagine this pair perched on a chair in your bedroom watching you sleep? How freaked out would your child be if these two were in their room?

9.Teddy Gone Bad

Who knows perhaps this Teddy was once cute and adorable and grew more creepier as time went on. Perhaps he even started to take on the look of his owner much like dogs do? Or he just went bad.


10.Toys Of Comfort

Kids toys are supposed to bring them comfort and fun or so we thought. Which kid would wake up feeling heaps better after a nightmare when seeing this little critter on the windowsill? If you want to give them nightmares, then this is the toy.

11.The Hairy Baby

This little doll needs a good shaving. We are not sure who is being invited to shave it or why, but it sure adds a whole new angle to bath time ablutions and why do they think that this is a good idea for a child in the first place?


12.Snarling Teddy Bears

Whichever nice granny knitted these certainly had a good barometer for the creep factor. Or was it just by chance these knitted teddy's have gaping mouths and huge teeth? This is not exactly something that they can really cuddle can they?


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