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Find Out What's Wrong With These Pics

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 3:04 pm

1.Something is wrong

Well something is very wrong here and you need to take your eyes off the middle of the image in order to work it out. OK we know that is not going to be easy, but trust us for a minute because it will all then make sense.

2.Look hard at it

This is one of those images where you need to really look hard at it in order to work out what is wrong, but when you do you will be stunned. It looks completely innocent, but then that is never going to be the case when brix are going to be produced at the end of it.

3.Erm nice hair?

Ok so it is obvious that there is something going on here, but what exactly is it? Come on, it is staring you straight in the face!!

4.Just having a stroll

So this shows a number of world leaders walking along, but is it as innocent as you think? You need to really study it closely in order to work it out and you will be proud of yourself when you manage it.

5.Well somebody is happy

This just looks like a group of friends taking a photo that would probably end up on the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but of course there has to be a twist somewhere. Just look at the people and see if something does jump into your dirty mind.

6.Wow she is strong

This is another one of those images where it really does just play with your mind and you cannot work out what is going on at first. Is she just exceptionally strong or something?

7.Dancing at the wedding

A wedding is a time for celebration and to have a good time at the reception and that is certainly the case here. Everybody is just getting their groove on, but is all as it seems?


8.Something is so, so wrong

This looks like a photograph of the boy and he is clearly the main focal point here, but that would just be boring and there would be nothing wrong with it unless you felt orange and blue clashes. However, look around and see if you can spot it.

9.Getting close to fans

This singer is Lily Allen and she is getting up close and personal with her fans. Nothing wrong with that we hear you say, but then perhaps everything is not exactly as it seems here?


10.A photo of your toddler

This is the kind of snap that parents are taking all of the time, but there is something a bit more sinister going on here that is going to ruin this photograph. We will give you a is not the duck.

11.Riding on the motorcycle

This looks like an entirely innocent ride on a motorcycle and at least they have their helmets on in order to keep themselves safe. However, maybe it is not as safe as you first thought?

12.An empty room?

So is this actually an empty room or not? It all seems that way, but then we would not have included it if it was just a normal picture would we?

13.Throw him in the sea!!!

This is some guys just fooling around and it looks as if it is just a completely innocent scene, but there is one stand out thing that will just instantly change your mind. Check out every square inch in order to wonder what the hell is going on.

14.Getting ready to go out

This is the kind of image where it simply shows three girls getting ready to go out and what could be more innocent than that? In actual fact if you see something wrong here, then it is all in your mind you filthy animal.

15.A vacation snap

Ok you might need several attempts to really find out what is wrong with this image, but once you work it out you will see that it is actually very, very good. It would be better if there was a before and after image with this one.

16.A group celebrating

This is a group of Irish fans celebrating, but what is actually wrong with it? It all looks completely innocent and they are just happy at their team, but look closely again.

17.Look closely

Is this an entirely innocent image to you? If it is, then you have not been paying attention because there is something quite obvious in there and you really will be annoyed when you finally get it.

18.3 friends together

This is the kind of fun friends photograph that you should be able to look back on and use it to kick in a good memory. However, the three girls in this particular image will look back at this and think a bit differently about it all.

19.A family photo

This looks like a completely innocent family photograph with them all being quite happy and smiling for us. However, there is one thing wrong with it and can you find it in amongst all of this happiness?

20.Riding that bicycle

This is the kind of picture where you could spend a long time working out what is wrong, but everything you see is actually entirely innocent as it is all a trick played on you by angles. Have you spotted it yet?

21.The team photo

Well this looks like an innocent team photo and is just one of millions that are out there, but this one is certainly a bit different. Can you actually pick it out all by yourself?

22.Who is carrying what??

This is the kind of photo where your eyes and your brain end up having a disagreement as to what is actually sitting there in front of it. Does this picture show a small guy being carried? Is it a guy carrying a child? What is going on???

23.All is not as it seems

This looks like a completely innocent scene, but there is something wrong with it and it is up to you to find it. Once you see it you will wonder how you missed it.

24.It's a careful picture

This image looks entirely innocent with a couple of girls taking a photograph of themselves, but look closer as there is something seriously wrong with it. Look all over and think about it carefully because there is something that should just not be happening.


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