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Foods That Lead To Cancer

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:26 pm

1.Farmed fish

You would think that farmed fish would be fine, but in actual fact it is due to what they are being fed that can cause us an issue. What happens is that they end up with higher concentrations of various toxins, including PCBs and that is not going to help your health in any way whatsoever.

2.Baked goods

The reason why baked goods are included here is simply because of one thing, acrylamide. This is something we should avoid in large quantities as it can cause all kinds of problems in your body, with cancer being just one of them.


Alcohol is very, very bad for causing cancer and you can see this with the number of people that develop liver and stomach issues as a result of drinking too much alcohol over a prolonged period of time. There is no doubt that it is bad news for everybody, so reduce your consumption or cut it out altogether.

4.Food with aspartame

This may surprise some people because you may have heard the aspartame is good for you and there is no doubt that it does help to stop certain illnesses. The problem here is the way in which it is made and it is of course completely artificial, so your body will not actually enjoy having it and it could encourage cancer cells to start to multiply due to being a carcinogen.


The problem with fries is that they are often cooked in what are known as trans fats and that spells bad news. These fats can give cancer the perfect environment to grow, so even though you may love eating them be sensible and reduce how often you get fries.

6.Soft drinks

If you love your soft drinks, and in particularly sodas, then you are going to be storing up trouble for yourself. The problem you have is that you are getting hit by a massive sugar rush as well as missing out on all kinds of important vitamins and nutrients that can act as antioxidants and stop cancer from developing in the first place.

7.Smoked food

While smoked food may taste amazing it is important to look at the smoke part because this has been shown to increase the chances of developing stomach cancer in a number of people. The problem is in the way it is done and of course those chemicals then get into our body, so reduce the amount you eat to preserve your health.


8.Pickled food

The problem with picked food is the acid that is in the pickle because cancer loves that kind of environment and it undoubtedly encourage it to grow and replicate those cells. Try to eliminate it from your diet completely in order to get the benefit.

9.Salty food

If you love food with loads of salt, then you could be storing up trouble in a number of different ways. Of course it can affect your blood pressure, but do you know that it can also increase the chances of you developing something such as stomach cancer? Cut it out.



This is a difficult one because sugar seems to be in absolutely everything that we eat or drink. The problem here lies with the way that our body reacts to the sugar, so limit it and you should see your health improve in a number of ways.

11.Red meat

It is important to point out that it is not all types of red meat, but instead just some red meat that is very well done. In all honesty you should limit the amount of red meat that you eat in a week and make sure that at the most it is medium.


12.Anything burnt

If you like to burn your toast, then do you realize that you are increasing your chances of developing some kind of cancer? The reason for that is that the burnt parts contain a particular carcinogen and that in itself is quite scary when you stop and think about it.


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