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Great People Who Were Also Perverts

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:54 am

1.Benjamin Franklin

One of America's founding fathers and also a keen inventor it might seem strange to see him on this list. He also had a way with people and on a larger scale. He paved the way for foreign investment into the USA and other countries. His strange fetish was to have affairs with old women. Not older but old. Although happily married he always chose mistresses that were very advanced in age.

2.King Henry the 8th

King Henry was a scoundrel in all ways. He messed around with the Church of England, got rid of monasteries and split the Catholic Church from the Church of England. He caused seeming havoc wherever he went. More than that he was a horny scoundrel marrying up to 6 wives and when bored of them had them executed. In amongst all this activity he also had numerous affairs. It was said that this bombastic man and King finally died from obesity and probably sexual exhaustion.

3.James Joyce

Often voted as one of the greatest English authors of all time, James wrote about many things including his home country, Ireland. His real claim to fame was to establish a new way of writing, even making one of his book Chapters five letters long! He also was able to create emotions in people that they had never felt before, simply by the clever use of words. His other claim to fame for the purpose of this list was his fetish for farts and farting. He loved nothing better than to f*ck the farts out of his wife! He also enjoyed farting in peoples faces during intercourse as well as the reverse. He would detail and describe every 'delicious' fart with the great gusto he was capable of writing with.

4.Sigmund Freud

One of the most well known historical Depth Analysts of our time is Sigmund Freud. Most of his theories gave birth to new theories. Years later it was understood that most of his ideas were based on his own personal emotional experiences. This centered around the Oedipus 'so called complex', whereby boys are attracted to their mothers and see their fathers as enemies. This was a feeling he had as a boy. A strong sexual desire for his mother.

5.Marquis de Sade

Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat who despite his wealth and social standing veered toward the seedier side of life. He loved writing erotic novels with all sorts of perversions mentioned. This was at at time when sex was definitely taboo. He loved torturing slaves and maids and was so persuasive he even got his unwitting wife involved. He is the first person in history being documented as enjoying beating and torturing people for sexual pleasure and so the genre Sado (named after Sade) and Masochism was born. Today S & M is a well known practice.

6.Oscar Wilde

A rather infamous novelist Oscar Wild was certainly a character than walked to the beat of his own drum. He dressed very oddly for the days he was living in, flamboyantly and this often drew comment. He also liked boys not women or men. He had many affairs with various under-age boys.

7.Eric Gill

A famous sculptor and calligrapher, Eric Gills fonts can still be seen today. It is said that he had sexual relationships with both his sisters Gladys and Angela. Although seen as a devout catholic he made many sculptures of Christ with naked women. The women that posed for him were his sisters. He also raped his two daughters regularly as well as the family dog. One wonders how this high ranking pervert did not get brought to trial for his perverted lifestyle.


8.Hans Christian Anderson

A brilliant children's novelist penning such classics as 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Little Mermaid' he has definitely taken a place in children's history. Christian's personal life was not so endearing though. He was addicted to masturb@tion, at times masturbating all day. He also wrote love letters to men and women, which was unheard of in those times. He enjoyed speaking to pr0stitutes and would masturbate furiously after seeing one. By all accounts he was in fact himself an 'ugly duckling' so maybe found release in his lonely pursuits.

9.Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger is known as a one of the great 20th Century composers of all time. It was later revealed that he was deeply into Sado Masochism, which is known as S & M today. He owned over 80 whips and would get people to flagellate him often. He would often use mirrors in this foreplay and it is said that his mother being beaten by his father started this fetish. Today he would not exactly be called a pervert, but the obsessive way he made notes of his beatings definitely bordered on perversion.


10.Charlie Chaplin

Everyone knows about Charlie Chaplin. He was the comedic star of Hollywood days gone by, where mime and music were the only acting tools available. He was remembered with endearment by many, but Charlie manage to hide another side to him. He would call females in for an audition and get them to strip and then fondle their breasts. After that he would throw numerous pies at them, if they screamed they would fail the audition. Many feel that this process he found rather arousing. He going's on were basically sexual harassment, sadism and humiliation.

11.T. E. Lawrence

Lawrence was very famous for playing Lawrence of Arabia, pictured here. A great actor not many know he was also a great archaeologist. It was said that Lawrence didn't go much for relationships at all. Then suddenly he fell in love with a young boy who was under-age. He also loved to be whipped hard on his backside so definitely had strong leanings towards masochism. A pedophile and masochist is a far cry from the over glamorized image people have of him as a great actor.


12.Lewis Carroll

Many will remember this child writer very fondly. Not only did he write Alice in Wonderland but also the famed 'Through The Looking Glass'. What people might not realize about this gifted fantasy writer is that he also liked to take photographs of little girls Preferably naked. With over 3000 photographs in his possession at death he could have been also one of the most prolific child pornographers.


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