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Insane Fact About Gambling

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:39 pm


When it comes to online gambling 11% of Internet users have gambled in some form in the last year. This is an industry that is growing at an incredible rate and it is clear as to why so many of the casinos have gone online in order to make huge sums of money.


Casinos had a revenue of over $150 billion in a single year and this is a figure that is really just continuing to grow. It shows the scale of the industry and it does just let you see how many people are gambling each year and even though times are tough the casino industry is still surviving.

3.Slot machine ratio

In Las Vegas the ratio of slot machines to population is one machine for every eight people and this does give you a real indication as to how many machines there are in this one city. It also lets you see how popular they must be for it to make sense to have as many in the one city, so they do generate a huge revenue.


In 1995, somebody bet $2.4 million that the 49ers would win the Super Bowl. They did and the person won $400,000, which is not actually that good a return when you look at how much they put down in the first place. However, it still took some guts to do it, so at least they were rewarded for it.


65% of the adult population of the US have gambled in some way in the last year. This does include doing any lottery games as well as slot machines, betting on sports, or anything else that involves you handing over money and hoping that you win some back. 65% is a huge percentage and it shows why the industry is so massive.


Bingo only results in just over 2% of people winning and this offers you the worst odds out of all of the games available. This is probably going to surprise people, but then it is due to the way the game works that hides the fact that you do lose in the vast majority of times.


Keno gives you the best odds of winning at 27.04% out of all of the different casino games you can play. Of course the odds are still pretty poor when you stop and look at them, but as long as lady luck is indeed on your side, then there is a chance of you winning something to keep your confidence going.


8.Slot machines

The biggest slot machine win is $39, 713,982.55, but of course the odds of you winning even something anywhere near that are not exactly in your favor. In all honesty you will be lucky to even just win your money back unless you are having an exceptionally good day.


Did you know that 84% of all gamblers are male? It is probably not much of a surprise to hear that it is so high because it is certainly the case that people generally associate gambling with guys and indeed you may have thought it would have been higher than just 84%.


10.Las Vegas

Over $40 billion a year is gambled in Las Vegas and this comes from approximately 38 million visitors, It really is a massive amount of money in what equates to almost just one street and you now understand why the major casino players in the world all wanted to be there.


There are over 2.5 million potential hands in a game of poker and the odds of a royal flush are 1 in 649,740. It does show how difficult it is to get a royal flush, but at least the odds are in your favor of at least having some kind of a hand just as long as you know what to do with it.



All numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666 and that is why it is known as the devil's game. This is purely by chance, but it is still a crazy fact even though the name it is given just helps to add to the apparent danger of playing it in the first place.


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