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15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 10:38 am

You keep hearing this word 'real men' way too often, but do you know how different real men are from just men? One doesn't have to be extra special or have any super powers to be called a real man. However, he needs to possess and display certain traits to be considered as a true gentleman. These characteristics play a vital role in one's personal, professional and social success. Here are '15 Essential pieces of Life Advice For Men' that if followed accurately, can bring significant change in their lives. If you keep failing in your life, or if you want to bring a notable change in your life then make sure you don't miss reading this article. These tips may help you become that perfect man every girl dreams of! 
1.Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, Boring One's Do

There is an old idiom that says if you are a good man, you are more likely to end up living alone. That's a false assumption. Women don't like boring men. Real men make sure whatever time they spend with their partner is the best time of their life. Nice guys need not be always dull. Hence, it's not the nice guys, but it's the boring guys that finish last.

Nice Guys Don't Finish Last, Boring One's Do-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

2.Never Leave A Pint Unfinished

Spend quality time with friends. A pint of beer should never be left unfinished. If you are leaving it unfinished, you aren't spending enough time with your buddies. Friends play a significant role in your social development. If you aren't spending some quality time with them, then you are living a lonely life which can be very dangerous for your future.

Never Leave A Pint Unfinished-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

3.Never Take A Woman To The Movies On A First Date

The whole idea of a first date is to spend quality time with your significant other and get to know them well. If you go out to watch a movie on your very first date with your partner, you're not giving them time to know you better. How can you even interact with her to see if she's the right person for you? She may like the movie but not you. Going to a movie on the first date is as similar as sitting awkwardly next to each other while on your phone.

Never Take A Woman To The Movies On A First Date-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

4.Always Keep A Change Of Clothes At Work

You may be asked to attend an urgent meeting for which you need to be your best. You may spill coffee on your clothes, or your clothes may get spoiled any other way. It shouldn't be a problem to keep a pair of clean and ironed business casuals (or formal clothes) at your workplace for such unforeseen circumstances. 

Always Keep A Change Of Clothes At Work-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

5.Go For Women That You Think Are Out Of Your League

Be confident, have a good sense of humor, and let her know how much you care for her. Don't just straightaway give up thinking that a girl is way out of your league. Girls especially don't go for a guy who just looks good. They look for a man who is confident, funny and independent. You will not stand a chance if you don't give it a try! Be confident and talk to her RIGHT NOW!

Go For Women That You Think Are Out Of Your League-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

6.Be A Confident Man

When talking to people, always maintain positive eye contact. Give firm handshakes. Sit or stand straight, and don't slouch. Talk in a moderate tone and clearly. Don't be overly loud which may make you look like a poser. Don't speak in the same tone always. Be a good listener. Women love guys who listen to them.

Be A Confident Man-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

7.Keep Learning

Learning is a continuous process. It ends with a person's life. The moment you stop learning, you are no different than a dead man. Every day, life teaches us new lessons. There is so much happening around us. Don't be stubborn. Try to appreciate people who teach you these life lessons. They can also be your enemies or your critics. They help in developing your persona. The more the knowledge you gain, the more people respect you. Learn something new every day. As Steve Jobs once mentioned in his Stanford University speech "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish."

Keep Learning-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men


8.Don't Let The 'Little Head' Do The Thinking

Men have a hard time dealing with their sexual urges. The 'little head' inside them always tries to dominate their upper head. Don't let the small brain in you control your life actions. Try to listen to the brain in your head, Some of the Hollywood celebrities have fallen into this trap, and we all can learn from them. Control your sexual urges, and make sure they aren't leading you towards wrong or immoral paths. 

Don't Let The 'Little Head' Do The Thinking -15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

9.Understand 'Manliness' Completely

Manliness is not always about big muscles. It's about the courage inside. A real man doesn’t kill an elephant with a punch but forgives his enemies with a smile. Take care of yourself and the people in your life. Try to forgive their mistakes. All human beings make mistakes. No one is perfect. Always admit your mistakes, and if possible, rectify them. Don't be ashamed to apologize when you make mistakes. Real manhood is when you face your fears with a smile. Don't break down upon seeing approaching life problems. Be brave and stand like a mountain against all of life's odds. A real man is one who is tough as a mountain and soft as a feather.

Understand 'Manliness' Completely-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men


10.Call Your Parents Every Week

Your parents are the reason why you are alive and reading this article right now. Let your parents know you care for them. Call them every week. Ask them if everything is fine at their end. Meet them as frequently as you can. They were there during your childhood struggles; don't leave them alone in their declining years. Old age homes are intended for impoverished and elderly people who don't have grown up kids to support them. If you are an adult and your parents are in an old age home, there is nothing worse you could do as a son. 

Call Your Parents Every Week-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

11.If You’re The Smartest In Your Group, You Are In The Wrong Group

Being the smartest in the group means living in your comfort zone. Once you love staying in your comfort zone, you become lazy and stop learning new things. As we said earlier, learning is a continuous life process. It doesn't mean you need to abandon your friends or social circle entirely. It means you also need to hang out with people smarter than you, so you have a chance to learn something more and new.

If You’re The Smartest In Your Group, You Are In The Wrong Group-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men


12.Turn Your Passion Into An Income Source

When you are passionate about something, you become expert at it. With so much competition around the world, one cannot survive doing something they don't like. If you want to make money, try doing things you love. Photography, writing, art, sports, fitness - there are many ways to monetize your passion. Stop working at McDonald's if you are good at cooking, instead, take a small loan or save some money and open your own burger stand and watch your business grow.

Turn Your Passion Into An Income Source-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

13.Never Harm Anyone Unless They Are An Immediate Physical Threat

Anger and jealousy are the two biggest threats to your personal development. Rage kills your thinking ability and slows down your productivity. Don't vent your anger on someone just because they are inferior to you. Remember, raising your hand to someone to harm them only shows your weakness, not your strength. Never hit people unless they physically threaten you. Control your anger. Don't get into physical fights. 

Never Harm Anyone Unless They Are An Immediate Physical Threat-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

14.Dress Well

Always dress well and look good. Keep a positive attitude towards your life. Being a realist with a positive attitude will help you in the long run. Always dress as if you are about to meet the love of your life or something great is going to happen today. Wear clean and ironed clothes always. Keep a well-tailored suit in your closet. 

Dress Well-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men

15.Be Kind And Respect Everyone

Everyone in this world deserves respect irrespective of their race, religion, culture, education, social and financial status. Know the real criteria to respect people. Respect people for their goodness, kindness, intelligence, and hard work, etc. Be kind to people, animals, and nature. Manliness is not showing how powerful you are, but it's about how down to Earth you can be when someone asks you for a helping hand. Don't always look for something in return when helping someone. Sometimes, helping someone without expecting something in return, fetches greater rewards.

Be Kind And Respect Everyone-15 Essential Pieces Of Life Advice For Men


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