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Most Disturbing Children Nightmares

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 8:14 pm

1.Withered Corpse

Seeing a dead body at an early age can be quite alarming and being held by one is even scarier. If a child has never been to a funeral before, then a nightmare like this could possibly alter their perception of dead people. Of course a decaying corpse could look like this, but a child wouldn't be able to understand the difference.

2.The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman is one of the most recognized fears amongst children. Due to stories from friends and adults, there are kids who constantly have nightmares about the Boogeyman coming to get them. Since he's said to be hiding in closets, kids almost always ask their guardian to check their closet before slumber. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / Via

3.Unexpected Hugs During TV Time

Kids can always tell when someone is lurking in the shadows, but when their attention is on something else, all bets are off. If a child dreams about having something creep up and grab them from behind, it have a lasting impact on their childhood memories. If they're watching Elmo in the dream, when they wake up in the morning they could exhibit signs of resent for the character. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / Via

4.Werewolf Morph

The last thing any child wants to see is their parent morph into a creature. Dreams of people transforming into werewolves and other creatures is normal. But when it happens to a child, it's a horrific nightmare. A dream like this can become too real, and the child may even disengage from being attached to their parent. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / Via

5.The Devil Ventures from Hell

Kids are always told that the devil is underground in the pits of hell and is anxiously awaiting his chance to come back to earth and wreak havoc. While this may be a premonition of things to come, it is a scary concept for a child to think or even dream about. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / Via

6.Come Get The Candy

Adult predators with candy can happen in a dream and in real-life. Kids love candy and if an adult within a 10-mile radius has some, then that child is going to gravitate towards them. This nightmare is similar to the story of Hansel & Gretel, but instead of escaping, like in the fairytale, the poor child is eaten. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / Via

7.Unexpected Fridge Visitor

A dream like this will stop any child from creeping out their bed at night to steal a midnight snack. The dream consists of the child intending to grab a quick bite to eat, but instead they're greeted with a severed head and a mysterious creature waiting in the wings to attack. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via


8.Something Lurks Underneath the Stairs

Wooden and creaky stairs are a staple in any horror movie and children's nightmare. The scary part about these stairs is that a child never knows what's lurking underneath them. By the time they've reached a place where they can view what's there, the creature has already made its move and attacked them. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via

9.Overcome By Bugs

A bug or two in your presence can be easily killed. But when you dream of hundreds of bugs overtaking your body, or the body of someone you love, then that can be downright scary. Chances are if a child dreams about being overcome by bugs, they'll wake up feeling as though those critters are still crawling all over them. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via


10.Fear of Being Eaten By a Snake

Snakes are not pleasant in dreams and they certainly aren't pleasant to encounter in real-life. Kids always seem to be scared of any creature that lurks, creeps and takes its time to attack its prey. This is why so many children dream of snakes since they exemplify those traits precisely. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via

11.Creepy Clown

Clowns are either loved or hated. Most grown-ups who have a fear of clowns developed it from a young age. There are pleasant looking clowns and then there are creepy ones with long nails and ghoulish -looking faces. When a clown is incorporated in a child's nightmare, it's typically the ghoulish one that is featured. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via


12.Under bed Creature

During the day kids happily use under their beds for toys or even hiding places during hide-and-go-seek. But when night falls, kids want nothing to do with what may lurk underneath their bed. One of the most popular kids' nightmares is imagining there's a creature hiding underneath the bed waiting to grab them. Photo credit: Joshua Hoffine / via


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