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15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 11:10 am

Internet is full of inappropriate tattoos. Different people have different opinions on tattoos. Most people like small and creative tattoos. Some like bigger ones. There are people who absolutely hate inking their body, and also don't like the whole concept of tattoos. From a common person's perspective, a tattoo is acceptable as long as it looks good, makes sense and is inked well. People spend so much time to come up with a really great tattoo idea. Some people don't care about others' opinion, and get inappropriate or blatantly sexual tattoos. Here are fifteen most inappropriate tattoos ever found on the internet! 
1.Apple Of My Eye

This is just plain creepy, and way too realistic. The detail in the eye itself is amazing, but then to add the picture to the iris, just takes it from pretty to strange. The size of it is also way out of proportion, overtaking the entire left quadrant of the upper back.

Apple Of My Eye-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

2.Butt Bank

For anyone who wants to make a deposit, this person may take credit cards too. Just swipe it in the crack. A funny tattoo if it wasn't permanent, but does this person really want to be wearing this tattoo when they are eighty years old and in a nursing home?

Butt Bank-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

3.Female Anatomy

Yes, the female anatomy is beautiful and we should all be proud, however, Getting a tattoo of it maybe a little over the top. This woman chose to have a vagina tattooed on her back, including the womb and ovaries. When she has the real thing on the other side of her body, and a little lower, why the need for the tattoo?
We guess she was trying to make an announcement with the tattoo. Apparently, the text in the tattoo reads as 'My vagina is beautiful'. She might have a beautiful one, but does it really require an announcement? Anyway, the tattoo looks too bad. It was good for her that she had the tattoo on her back, so she can at least cover it properly with a dress when she realizes the mistake she has made. 

Female Anatomy-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

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4.Sweet Cheeks

Seems as if this guy likes having his butt cheeks squeezes. With the hands of a woman permanently inked across his gluteus maximus, he is the main squeeze forever, but those hands look like the bride of Frankenstein. Couldn't the designer have made them a little more feminine and youthful. 


I bet this guy regrets this tattoo now, and wants to cover it up with FaceBook or Instagram. When does the body become an advertising platform for social media? When someone is stupid enough to believe that anything in the media lasts forever. This is not a riddle, but a strange truth. 

MySpace-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

6.Cliche Prom Queen

Usually the prom queen is the pretty and most popular girl. The cliche states that they are also dumb. Well, this girl is proving them right with the misspelling of her tattoo that will be with her forever to remind her of her big night. Was it the tattoo artist or the prom queen that got it wrong?

Cliche Prom Queen-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

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We all know this isn't a real tattoo, because Madonna isn't crazy enough to have a president's name blazoned across her back like that. However, there are plenty of people who put people's names on their body, then have a falling out and have to have it removed or covered.

Obama-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever


8.Greenday Ticket

Most people keep their ticket stubs after a memorable concert from their favorite band. They put it in a scrapbook or somewhere for safe keeping, but not this person. They loved the concert so much, they didn't want to risk losing it, tattooing it on their forearm to keep with them forever.

Greenday Ticket-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

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9.Armpit Bush

Clever but gross, this guy uses his armpit hair in a very promiscuous way. Looking like a woman with her legs spread open, he proudly lifts his arm to display it. The question is, would you date a guy who had this tattoo? I can't see this getting him the women that he seems to so desire. This is one of the most inappropriate armpit tattoos.

Armpit Bush-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever



John Deere seems to have quite a following, especially with rednecks. It seems this woman loves the company so much, she wants to have it with her forever. Tattooing it on her left butt cheek, this tattoo will be hard to miss when she is in a bathing suit at the beach.

Cheeky-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

11.Nazi Penis Tattoo

This tattoo gives new meaning to the word tramp stamp, but beyond that the Nazi undertones make it more than inappropriate. Design to mimic the swastika, it is made out of penis, complete with an ugly bush in the middle and semen leaking from each.

Nazi Penis Tattoo-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever


12.Ride'Em Cowboy

Not sure whose leg this tattoo is on, but whoever it has some attraction to this guy who seems to be a male stripper, straddling a chair. The design of the tattoo is well structured, with great line work, even as far as the clarity of the word, Reebok, but can someone really wear this tattoo forever?

Ride'Em Cowboy-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

13.Disgusting Pooping Tattoo

This tattoo that shows a woman squatting, and pooping, is one of the most disgusting tattoos we have ever seen. Most people get a tattoo because they want to look cool because they want to hear compliments from people. We never understand why people choose such bizarre and inappropriate tattoos. 

Disgusting Pooping Tattoo -15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

14.The Devil's Dick

Dicks are a terrible tattoo choice. Most people who have dick tattoos on their bodies suffer from some kind of psychological issues. As if the penises aren't ugly enough for a tattoo, someone had this terrible devil's dick tattooed on their body

The Devil's Dick-15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever

15.Penis Tattoo On Face

This is one of the worst face tattoos ever inked. The previous tattoos we have seen on this list are worse, but at least they were on the body parts that are usually covered. This guy has this most inappropriate and disgusting penis tattoo on his face. Well, how can he even lead a normal social life? Can you think of a person who will appreciate this guy's tattoo? 

Penis Tattoo On Face -15 Most Inappropriate Tattoos Ever


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