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Most Creative Perfume Bottles

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 10:09 am


A daring perfume with a mix of opium flower and belladonna the simple design is turned on its side adding a whole new concept. Then the lazy silver snail is a statement to the freak inside.

2.Love Fury

The sexiest part of a woman's shoe is the heel. Delightfully embedded into this simple square shape of a bottle the perfume itself is a mix of heady sandalwood and musk, sprinkled with delicate floral notes. What could be more feminine?

3.Too Too Pretty

Indeed the bottle is over the top, laden with sequins and lace the pink corset speaks whimsical with its tiny black lightening bolt in the corner. Citrus and floral are the perfect mix for the hidden fragrance inside.

4.Fakhrul Arab

This ornate gold perfume bottle embodies its oriental scents hidden inside. Made for men it reeks of a pampered gentleman.

5.A Trinket Perfume Dispenser

As intricate as the great masters this perfume bottle is a visual delight in glass mixed with metal design. The two romantic figurines inside the bulb top add mystery and charm.

6.Van Cleef & Arpels

As elegant as a dancer this silver fairy has appeared to land nonchalantly on the top of Van Cleef and Arpels perfume. This is what makes perfume magical. Infused with notes of jasmine and wood this bottle epitomizes its contents. A fleeting moment caught forever.

7.Vera Wang

What could be more romantic than a heart? Vera Wang gets it right in this simplistic yet stylish artistic design. The lid forms the princess tiara and for a while could make you feel like one.



Katy Perry's fragrance is beautifully presented as cat shapes. The diamond eyes and charming cat collars certainly add to their appeal. This is a bottle that would add to your cosmetic collection and brighten up any area you placed it. The eyes are mirrors of Katy's own feline shaped gorgeous peepers.


DKNY embodies freshness and young appeal in this abstract apple shaped bottle for its fragrance 'Be Delicious'. Mimicking grabbing an apple and biting it, there is a zest and energy about the glass formation.


10.A Cascade of Fragrance

This beautiful bottle is arguably more expensive to create than the perfume itself. Although, it is said that hundreds and thousands of flowers are crushed in order to create a drop of scent. Like a magnificent flower this formation almost bursts forth in your hand exploding in a crystallized moment. One can only imagine the beautiful light it would reflect on your dressing table.

11.Jean Paul Gaultier

The shape of Gaultier's fragrances changed over a decade ago and were such a hit that he is currently doing remixes with the various perfumes and their bottles. A lot has to do with the feel of his bottles, the curves of the body in glass feel good in the hand and the overall look is fresh and new.


12.Ame Toscane

There is something sensually seductive about perfume. It can change your mood and make you feel completely different. Perfume is an experience, which starts right from the box or bottle it is contained in. Ame Toscane's perfume has smooth fluid lines that entice the user to hold the glass bottle just to feel its shape. It is also strangely erotic with peachy undertones.


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