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People Being Nasty With Statues

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021, 10:19 am

10.Second Life

This chap looked like he didn't have much fun in life. You can tell by his slouched shoulders and sad demeanor. Oh well, never mind, that has all changed now.

Second Life-People Being Nasty With Statues

11.Clowning About

As Jimmy finished his cheese burger supreme he left the building, only to be beaten and slapped in the face by a big M clown. He is suing for millions! There is even proof on camera.

Clowning About-People Being Nasty With Statues

12.Useful Statues

Dear Diary, today I got fired, so I packed up my desk and went and f&%*cked up a statue. What did the statue do to her?

Useful Statues-People Being Nasty With Statues

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