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Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 2:31 pm

7.Angry bulls gone wild..

If you ever visited Spain then you must be knowing what running of the bulls is and might have seen this scenes, but such a scene on a camera? well, that's called a perfect click time. I wish the guy in the pic is fine and recovered though...

Angry bulls gone wild..-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

8.Blow on my face

Imagine working with a gas cylinder and it blows on your face, want to see how it will look like? then here it is, the guy was opening and was shocked to get the ripples, meanwhile his friend couldn't miss the moment and took the breathtaking snap

Blow on my face-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

9.Bicycle in the pole photobomb

Going on a tour, taking a pic and suddenly a guy rides his bicycle in the pole, bad photobomb isn't it? well, don't worry there is only 1 in million chances of it happening.

Bicycle in the pole photobomb-Perfectly Timed Mind Blowing Photos

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