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Photos Showing People Of My Generation

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020, 8:45 am

1.Dressing is different

Dressing is certainly very different with this generation because there is just a bit of absolute madness going on that just makes you sit and look at them and wonder what is going through their head. In the case of Katy Perry it looks like a giant square block of cheese is going through her head.

2.It will be fun when older

You look at old people now and they generally do not understand computers or technology beyond a television. However, things will be different in the future when the Xbox playing generation are playing COD 57.

3.Taking things too far

What is it with people becoming obsessed with stars to the extent that they will actually go ahead and cut themselves and cause physical harm? Have we gone absolutely crazy? What happened to just being happy with a poster of them on your wall?

4.Modern technology

Kids today are now way more advanced when it comes to technology than their parents have ever been. Some of them do indeed have a blog from an early age and put their feelings on there more than what they will say to their dad and is this not a bad thing?

5.What happened to innocence?

Playing cowboys and Indians was entirely innocent, but now we are seeing it in a completely different light. We are that afraid of insulting somebody that we would rather have a kid sitting doing nothing instead.

6.It has changed so quickly

It really has changed so quickly when you consider that even in the 90s it was rare for a child to have access to a mobile phone. In actual fact all they could do was play snake on a Nokia, but now there is a whole lot more available.

7.Google made the world

In previous decades it was up to the parents to educate their children on matters such as this one, but of course it has changed a great deal since the invention of the Internet. Now, a parent will send their child off to do a search online, so maybe parenting has got a bit lazy?


8.Who gives the marks?

A few decades ago if a child got a bad mark, then it was the child that got the row. However, it has now changed as it is the teacher that gets questioned by the parents since they believe that their kid is a brain box and is not at fault.

9.Phones have changed

Kids today have the iPhone, but for kids of a certain age all they can remember is having a telephone that you pulled along behind you and where you could pretend that you could dial it. However, at least that one didn't break down the same.


10.It is not much of a punishment

What this shows is that being sent to your room is no longer the punishment that it once was. In actual fact kids would prefer this to happen over anything else due to the array of toys that they have to choose from.

11.Photographs have changed

You really need to question what is going on here because what is it with the strange photographs? It just seems as if kids today need to do strange things and taking a picture in the bathroom is indeed strange.


12.This is the wrong way

This really does sum up how times have changed since the kid should be playing with the toys and the parent with the tablet computer. Back in the days there was no tablet computer and maybe kids were better for it?


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