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Reasons Why Air Travel Completely Sucks

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 8:49 am

1.When it goes wrong

If you have a crash in any other vehicle there is a reasonable chance that you will be able to get out of it alive. However, with flying there is next to no chance and if it happens in the sky, then it is game over.

2.The food

There is no doubt that the food that is generally served on a flight is something that even pigs would turn away from. It is absolutely hideous and you have paid good money to be fed something that looks as if it has already been eaten by somebody else and it is often cold as well.

3.Scary stewardess

When it comes to the stewardess you get two types. You either get the gorgeous one, who will completely ignore you by accident, or you get the scary one and every single time you buzz for something she is the one that comes up. OK none of them can ever be scarier than this.


If you are traveling at certain times, then the queue that you need to stand in just to get anywhere is often massive. This is the point where you just wish that you could be anywhere else other than in an airport when all you can look at is a sea of people all around you.


Landing can suck especially if you are flying into a place where the weather conditions are far from perfect or the way the airplane has to come in to land is a bit dodgy to say the least. This is where nerves start to build as you just hope that he gets it down without any issues.

6.Strange things

When it comes to what you can and cannot carry onto an airplane then it does seem to be a bit hit and miss. Take this sign for example. What can a snow globe do apart from create mass hysteria about Christmas?

7.You get molested

Yes when you are flying somewhere you get a free sexual assault at different times as the security staff decide that they want to grope you whenever they want. Whether they do that because they suspect you of having done something or whether it is because they just feel like it is up for debate.


8.Too many bags

Trying to get your baggage around an airport is a nightmare. You have to get it to check in, carry it around with you until it is time to check in, get it lifted up beside them, wait for it at the other end and pick it out of hundreds of other cases and then get out of it and all without any help.

9.Too many flights

You often wonder how an airport can manage to run ok with all of the flights that are landing or taking off, but clearly it does not always go to plan. That in itself is a worry as it leads to delays and cancellations and that is why air travel really does suck so much. Too many bags


10.Delayed flights

Everybody hates it when their flight is delayed and the only thing you can then do is to try to get some sleep as best you can. Of course an airport is not the comfiest of places either resulting in people piled up like this.


OK so we know that security is a big deal and there are good enough reasons as to why they are required. However, some things are a bit crazy because all that would happen in this instance is the airport would be blown up rather than the airplane.


12.Some restrictions

There are always some restrictions on what you can and cannot do when flying and indeed they are often very strict with them. Take this woman for example. She should not be allowed to fly for the simple reason that she is going to scare people on the plane with her legs.


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