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Small Vehicles, Big Loads

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 12:15 pm


This load looks more like a hairdo gone back. While the load is on a truck, the size of it dwarfs the vehicle. The amazing part is that the vehicle can actually move along the road, but according to this picture it looks like it went awry and went up on the sidewalk.

2.Car Parts

This kid thinks that by carrying car parts maybe he has a car, but no. Maybe the car manufacturers has the parts delivered this way, or maybe, he works for an underground company that finds odds parts to build even stranger cars. Either way, this guy has his work cut out for him.

3.Lift Off

The donkey doesn't know what happened. One minute he was trotting along pulling his load, the next he is airborne. He looks surprised, but maybe that looks is one of relief as he gets to rest his footsies for a little while, before it's back to the grind. At least the load might be lighter.


A completely overladed mini scooter/bus, or whatever it is, seems to be bogged down with an array of materials, unknown. It is always amazing to see how these items are balanced without falling. In this picture a boy is on top, maybe guiding the driver on where to go.

5.Log Roll

This boy abandons the ride and pulls the logs along, ties to his bike. The load looks amazingly heavy, yet he seems to be pulling it with just one arm, while balancing his bike with another. In these countries, where bikes are the main mode of transporting materials, these guys work for their money.


Another display of strength and perseverance as this man transports a bunch of blue barrels. If the barrels were empty it would be a hard enough ride, but if there is anything in those barrels, it would seem an impossible feat. Amazing what these guys can accomplish with a little gusto.


In this colorful display, this biker looks to be delivering beautiful presents from some high end department stores. This is a sight we typically see in third world countries, not in New York City. The boxes seem perfectly designed and perfectly balanced, but why is the rider wearing a mask.


8.Double Bike

While most bikers who carry a heavy load, place the load behind them, this guy is front heavy. However, he has a partner to help balance the load, and it seems to be working out. Since the back rider can't possibly see what's ahead of him he must rely on the front rider for guidance.


Looking like a giant pineapple, these bikers are delivering some kind of fruit, somewhere. They appear to be great at packing and tying down the fruit so that it doesn't tumble into the road, or knock them off their bikes. In America, two items on a bike is too much for a courier to manage.


10.Beery Heavy

This guy must really like beer, because he is riding along with may cartons attached to his bike. Must be the way Budweiser delivers in third world countries. Seems that this boy is better than a Clydesdale horse. We can only hope that he is getting paid with more than a free beer.

11.Boxed In

An amazing feat as this biker manages to ride with all those boxes attached. It seems as if one little bump could throw the whole thing off, with a cascade of boxes tumbling down and burying him in the process. Hopefully the boxes are empty and the load isn't as heavy as it appears.


12.Getting Tired

That's an awful lot of tires for one little bike, but he seems to have it handled. Let's hope he doesn't get to tire-d while delivering all those tires. The question really is how he piled those tires so high and how they are perfectly balanced without falling over.


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