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Stupid Things On TV That Annoys Us The Most

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 7:49 pm

1.Laughter is so different

Laugh tracks are indeed annoying, but then so many things on TV manage to just get your back up. The smugness of people on TV can also be annoying and why can they not just be like us in real life?

2.In real life you are arrested

This just does not work in real life because if you stalk somebody, then you are going to end up in jail. However, in TV land they take a different approach to it all because apparently this is the correct way to get somebody to end up loving you.

3.How do they do it?

You have to question how the kids can grow up so fast as it just does not seem possible. It is almost as if they are on fast forward through their lives and then we complain about them growing up fast in the real world.

4.Why do they have to be evil?

The big question here is why ugly people have to be evil because what are they trying to say about people that are not exactly beautiful? This is certainly a strange way to view some people because surely there are some people that are evil that are beautiful?

5.How do they know when to meet?

The big question here is how they actually know when to meet up when nobody is ever capable of giving a time for it. No wonder so many people appear to be stood up as it is clearly just a communication issue.

6.Kids are not actually like that

Yeah school kids are not going to be like that in real life are they? In so many schools they are not allowed makeup in the first place, so this is just another way in which movies are different from reality.

7.That is just not possible

Yeah if you fall asleep in real life you end up waking up with your hair all over the place and makeup falling off or copied onto your pillows. The way that they wake up and everything is perfect is just very annoying.


8.Let them talk!!

Yeah the only problem with this is that the movie would be a lot shorter if we did just listen to the other person. However, it is annoying that there is one person that just knows everything and we just ignore them.

9.They are eagle-eyed

The one thing that you notice is that the cops are so much better organized and capable of spotting things in a fraction of the time than their real life counterparts. How did they get so good and what can we actually learn from them?


10.They are good doctors

It does appear as if the equipment that they use to shock people on TV is better than the ones that are used in real life. Surely we should get in touch with the producers and copy what they are doing because it would certainly save a lot of lives.

11.Nobody concentrates

Conversations while driving on TV tend to be completely different to how we drive and chat at the same time. They wave around more, they are more animated in general, and in all honesty driving comes about third in a list of what is important at that minute.


12.They get in shape fast

Yeah this is another thing that annoys people because there is no way in this world that a mom in this situation in real life can end up looking perfect again in next to no time. We all know what happens to mothers at this point and it is not that nice how they struggle.

13.It's not a normal party

Yeah a party in real life is often a messy affair with the person taking days to clean up after it. However, on TV everything just seems more organized and people are behaving themselves and have you ever been to a party like that?

14.Weapons are different

How can a weapon be so different on TV? OK you may not have a lot of experience with things such as grenades in real life, but if you do you will be aware of the fact that TV just gets it so, so wrong on so many different levels.

15.Yep it's different on TV

OK you may think that you are romantic, but watch how it is portrayed on TV and you will see that it is completely different on there. Talk about turning it into some kind of idealistic thing and there is no way you could be as romantic over such an extended period of time in real life.

16.Where is all of the tea?

So where exactly has all of the tea gone since the cups are always empty? Is there some kind of strange ban on it that we do not know about? Maybe they are all coffee drinkers and that would just look too out of place?

17.They are not that ugly

OK we know that there is the entire thing about being photogenic, but surely they could get people that do look pretty average to play certain roles? Do they think that it will put us off if that is the case?

18.Well they are lucky

There is no doubt that teenagers are very lucky indeed in TV shows because look at them as they walk around in real life and some are a walking billboard for acne. What is their secret when it comes to looking after their skin?

19.They are louder than real life?

Why do computers in a drama always sound louder than the ones in real life? It just seems like they are trying to do something in order to add to the tension in the air? What kind of operating system allows them to do this?

20.Lack of concentration

Hopefully you have not had a gun pulled on you, but if you have try to remember if the person holding the gun then started a big speech. Nope? Well that is not a surprise since they just want to shoot you and not have a conversation with you.

21.It's a waste of a drink

What this shows is that it really is a waste of a drink because think of all of that alcohol that is just lying around waiting for somebody to drink it. That does not happen in real life as we knock it back as quickly as possible.

22.We are always lost for words

Yeah in real life we are never able to say the best thing at that exact moment as we always get nervous and start making a mess of things. How do they manage to stay calm and come out with the perfect words on every single occasion?

23.That just seems impossible

What this shows is that in TV anything really is possible. If we are in the same situation there is no way that we can afford all of that, so how do they manage to do it?

24.How does this work?

Why is it that they cannot get teenagers to play teenagers and instead go for older people? Are there no actors around that are actually the age of the person that they are supposed to be playing?


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