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The Best Place To Get Tattooed

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:53 pm

1.Inner wrist

If you are looking to get some kind of small symbol done, then the inner wrist is going to be the best place for a tattoo. You are limited with the space that is available, but then that does not have to be a bad thing either.

2.Under the rib

The best thing that you can get done under your rib is some kind of saying because anything else can start to look a bit messy. How much you get put there depends on how big you are because clearly larger people have more space and can then get entire sentences in reasonably sized writing.

3.Behind the ear

As long as the tattoo is not that big, then this is quite a good place to get one done. Yes it is going to be very painful, but then every tattoo is the same, so just accept that it looks cool and start showing it off to other people.


How many women do you know that have something such as a butterfly positioned here on their body? It is not designed for a massive tattoo by any means, but it is often the place where they get their first one done in order to see just how cute it looks on them.

5.Back of neck

The back of the neck is another place that is quite popular for a tattoo and, yet again, women love it as they can show it off when they have their hair up or cover it up when they let it down. This does kind of mean that it is quite a flexible tattoo.


With the ankle you do have several options available to you. It is possible for you to get something going around the entire ankle, such as a chain, or the alternative is to get a small tattoo either on the outside or even the inside. However, it can look quite cool, but do just choose design carefully.


If you can forget about how painful this is going to be it is important for you to look at how cool it is to have your foot tattooed. Yes it is another place that is more common amongst women than men, but that is often down to the designs that are put on there more than anything else.


8.Shoulder blade

This place is quite popular amongst women as they can get just a small tattoo done that can be shown off when wearing summer tops, but covered up at other times. It really is about the perfect place for so many people, so you can understand why it is so popular.

9.Inside upper arm

If the outer arm is a bit too in your face, then how about inside your upper arm in order to be different? Yes there is going to be less room available, but you can still get such a cool design done as long as you get a good artist.


10.Upper arm

This is almost seen as being the traditional place to get a tattoo done and it is still very popular even though times have changed and people are getting it done anywhere on their body. It does look better on a more muscular arm though, so take that into consideration before you do anything.


Having a tattoo on your shoulder can look seriously cool, but of course it all depends on the style that you have done. This place will often look better on guys especially if there is some tribal design going on.


12.Small of the back

The best thing about the small of the back is that it is easy enough to conceal the tattoo if that is indeed required. This is one of the most popular areas to have done and you can understand why as there is enough space available, but it does not have to be that prominent.


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